Your Essential Guide To Avoiding Commonly Made Mistakes In Front-End Development

  • Date: 04 / December / 2020
  • Post By: Admin
Your Essential Guide To Avoiding Commonly Made Mistakes In Front-End Development

Front-end designers and programmers play a central role in shaping every little thing that the visitors and users of websites will come to engage with. In short, the duty of a program is not limited to making a website to appear aesthetically appealing. Even if the front-end feels fully functional to the user it does not necessarily ensure you optimum success. Often times a poorly structured design proves to be stumbling block in the further advancement of the website. Check out some indispensible tips to make sure that your development is on the path.

Taking SEO equations into consideration before coding


Even in this day and age a large number of developers make the same mistake of overlooking the importance of SEO dimensions. Giving proper focus on implementing SEO features will not only improve the functionality but also the navigational aspects of website. While working on the front-end development, developer is strongly advised to create content tags such as header tags (H1, H2 & H3), paragraph tags, and internal tags and anchor tags. Incorporation of the content tags in particular will create an environment conducive for SEO friendly activities.

Don’t forget to run preemptive check for each main browser

Front-end designs these days tend to depend heavily on JavaScript and user-facing interface scripting. The practice of regularly testing your code in major browsers will allow you to decide what type of browser you should be actually supporting. You can easily identify the best choice of support by assessing the analytics data. Part of the reason you identify the oldest browser is that most users tend to use the outdated browsers even as their computers get old. Taking some time out to determining the type of browser is central to retaining your website frequenters.

Building a fully-fledged Responsive Mobile Design

Mobile has come to dominate the area of web browsing with smart phones gaining increasing popularity among users. Such is the growing popularity of smart phones that desktop devices have become nearly obsolete. Taking into account the recent developments in the world of technology, the front end design are expected to have responsive structure. The responsive has emerged as an indispensable feature and should serve as framework around which front-coding should be implemented.

You cannot afford to compromise on the Site Speed

Even if you manage to create a highly user friendly front-end, it will be of no avail unless you have good site speed. One of the major reasons you may be getting slow site speed could be due to excessive size of the image. You must make sure reduce the size of the image to the minimum. Just keep it mind that such images can be resized without any loss of quality. You can always rely on a variety of speed testers that will help you recognize the element responsible for slowing down your website. Today search engines are known ranking the websites based on the site speed. Testing your website on a regular basis is the key to ensure good performance.

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