Tips For Writing A Blog Post In Under 60 Minutes

  • Date: 20 / March / 2023
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Tips For Writing A Blog Post In Under 60 Minutes

If you've come to this site, you're probably aware of the advantages of publishing a blog post for your business. But, you may struggle when it comes to sitting in front of a computer and getting it done! But no more worries. InterSmart Solutions, the top digital marketing company in Kochi is here to help you with that.

Blog writing is just like baking a cake and demands a specific technique and set of abilities. Consider inviting your most important customer, Google's SEO, your social media platforms, and your company's brand to afternoon tea. Just as there are many different tastes to appeal to, your writing must tick several boxes to keep everyone satisfied!

Even a good writer can be heard complaining about balancing the line between good content and creating content that feeds google’s algorithm. So we’ve decided to help you with writing a blog post.

How do you write an awesome blog post?

1. Proper Research and Select a topic.

2. Write a killer headline and introduction.

3. Write like a Human

4. Back up your content with data

5. Provide visual information.

6. Bring your article to a close.

7. Include a Call to Action.

8. Proofread your article.

STEP #1  Do Your Research &  Choosing The Right Blog Topic

Spending a few minutes researching what other firms or individuals have published on the subject will assist you in defining your point of strategy. It's also critical to examine your SEO keywords before beginning your content, as this will determine a lot of your strategy. When you start writing a blog, don’t do it for the sake of doing it. Choose a topic that aligns with the specific goals of your business.

Writing a blog post: 

  • To enhance organic Google search traffic ( Make sure to have a good keyword or keyphrase in mind),

  • To address a specific issue that your target audience is experiencing.

  • For a bigger call to action, such as downloading a digital resource or registering for a webinar.

  • It answers frequently asked questions from your consumers, relieving the burden on your customer support personnel.

STEP #2 A killer headline and Introduction 

According to the experts at our content marketing company in Kochi, you need to write a blog that will catch your reader’s attention from the first word. A captivating and punchy headline is basically the root map for your blog. 

 The following tips will help you to create attention-grabbing headlines.

  • Increase Facebook engagement by using an informative headline.

  • Increase engagement by using a headline that piques the reader's interest.

  • The longest headline is 11 words and 65 characters.

  • The number ten is the magic number when it comes to headlines.

Also, keep in mind to write an intro giving your readers an idea about what they are getting into. These are some good ideas for hooking your readers:

  • Declare how you are addressing their problem.

  • Please provide a relatable anecdote.

  • Indicate a solution that deviates from the norm.

  • So keep your introduction sharp and quick while explaining your topic area and point.

STEP #3 Make a structure 

Before jumping on into your blog, make sure to properly structure your blog. 

A common outline is below:

  • A strong headline.

  • A fantastic introduction that presents your topic and connects with your reader.

  • The substantial substance that supports your position while still being approachable and important

  • A unique ending that includes your CTA which is so effective that it warrants a second piece.

STEP  #4  Start writing like a Human 

Be imaginative with your content and write as though you're talking to someone to keep your readers from tuning out. It will assist to draw an actual person or buyer persona here.

Readers in the digital age want content that doesn't sound robotic or monotone. Engage in conversation as though you were speaking to a consumer.

STEP #5 Engage with the Audience

With many of your readers now consuming your material via mobile, consider how you may divide your information into bite-sized bits separated by sub-headings to help them navigate your text.

Add infographics, video material, and photography as icing on the cake to connect with readers who prefer to engage in a new way. Engaging your audience through your content. Give them a reason to stay on your page.

STEP #6 Feed the SEO 

Always remember that generating quality content is the key strategy to enhancing business growth. To feed the SEO utilize Google Search Console, which can assist you in finding useful keywords that are relevant to your business and should be included in your content to drive more web traffic.

STEP #7 Call for action

A call to action is a very important aspect of a blog. Whether you want to direct your audience to book a meeting with you, download a digital resource, or buy a product, make sure you are successfully encouraging/directing your audience to engage in the action.

You must make it extremely plain - and simple - for the reader to take action.

STEP #8 Edit Your Write Up

Have you completed your article? If you don't edit your post, it's only half done. To ensure that your content is flawless, examine it for consistency, spelling errors, and grammatical faults. You can always self-edit or seek the assistance of experts to edit your article.

Bonus:  Check Your Blog From Time to Time 

We have one more juicy tip for you to remember. Whether your blog brings many or few visits to your website, it's necessary to return to it from time to time. Google loves updated material, and making changes on a regular basis will boost your SEO performance.

If your blog is generating a lot of attention, consider creating material on a related topic or reusing your blog content through your other marketing platforms.

To execute their jobs, successful content marketers and writers rely on a formula-driven approach. Employ this 8-step process to produce high-quality material much more quickly and efficiently.

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