The Search For The Most User-Experience Model For Your Ecommerce Platform

  • Date: 04 / December / 2020
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The Search For The Most User-Experience Model For Your Ecommerce Platform

Every website owner at some point in their life has welcomed the idea of reconsidering different user-friendly models for their website. People oftentimes find themselves in a state of confusion over what type of model adopt. Things in fact take even more interesting turn when you are building an Ecommerce website and are presented with various options including the most popular ‘infinite scrolling’ and ‘load more’ models. Each of these different design patterns has been tested to assess its compatibility with the functionalities of Ecommerce platforms. The tests carried out on each model revealed varying degree of user experience.

Which UX model dominates the charts these days?

Over decades since its inception, the conventional pagination continues to generate great demand among Ecommerce website owners. It is viewed and adopted by a vast majority of website owners as the ideal UX model for Ecommerce platforms. Although, there are other models trying to make their way into the imagination of users, pagination still holds great sway over the minds of the majority. While the effectiveness of pagination lies in its navigation-induced user interaction, many surveys have found an increase in demand for ‘Load more’ model.

This noticeable revival of interest in ‘load more’ option has been attributed to the improved user friendly experience. The model of infinite scroll has been established by the experts as being greatly detrimental to the user-friendly nature of Ecommerce websites. At the end of the day, if you wish to develop a truly user-friendly shopping platform which can retain constant user traffic, you must find a company capable of offering the best ecommerce service Cochin. On the face of it, this may seem trivial but finding a company which clearly understands your requirement is central to building an effective ecommerce platform.

Pitfalls of putting too much focus on ‘Load more’

While the debate over the effectiveness of these models continues to intensify, you can be sure about drawbacks of being obsessed with ‘load more’ option. The e-commerce website owners are advised against adopting load more model. Instead of working towards working on various technical facets of the shopping platform, most Ecommerce website owners unnecessarily invest their resources in implementing ‘Load more’ model. When there are enough UX related issues on the plate already, the last thing an Ecommerce website owner needs is to give too much attention to incorporating ‘Load more’ option. Although, one cannot overlook the role of ‘load more’ model in improving the user experience, one should not place it at the top of the agenda. The key to ensuring return of investment and user experience is to tackle immediate issues affecting your Ecommerce platform.

How well do these models fair when measured against each other?

So, it all boils down to the million-dollar question: which model will most benefit the eCommerce platform. Long story short, if you closely monitor the trajectory of these models emergence, each UX model came as a response to the prevailing technologies at the time. A closer inspection of ‘load more’ option in relation to other models revealed that the former model allowed users to search for products without confusion. The same model also resolved to an extent the inconvenience by and large caused by the infinite scroll option. However, prior to incorporating either of these navigational technologies, it is important to take note that each model is contextually driven.

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