Digital Marketing Trends to improve sales in 2021

  • Date: 24 / May / 2021
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Digital Marketing Trends to improve sales in 2021

Digital marketing has been a vital step for global recognition for more than a decade now. With the current pandemic conditions more and more businesses are finding their way to the online platforms. Staying ahead of the competition is now even more harder than ever.

Companies that had foreseen the importance of digital marketing stand to gain from getting the much required head start. But its better late than never. So below are few Digital Marketing Trends to improve sales in 2021.

1.Mobile Optimization

The mobile phone is no longer the device for making just phone calls. With internal specifications capable of challenging modern laptops, mobile phones are a constant companion. So naturally, your customers will also be visiting your digital channels via their smartphones when they do an initial search. Hence mobile friendly websites are of paramount importance if you want customers to know about you. An unattractive website or non mobile compatibility are going to be the reasons for leads not getting converted.

2. Zero click searches 

  These are results provided by search engines like Google without having to click on any website link. Whether it is a snippet with the desired answer or a youtube video with similar intent, users need their answers up and ready. Having meaningful content on the website is key to get featured as snippets and further interest visitors to the website.

3. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the talk of the town in digital marketing. It should not come as a surprise that unless your digital presence is SEO friendly,your online business is going to dwindle by the hour. Also stuffing keywords to increase SEO may not work anymore since its considered a black hat SEO practice. The search engine algorithm is concentrating more on the intent of the search rather than the exact string of keywords. Many digital marketing companies are updating their ways to include multiple keywords and their synonyms when updating the websites.

4. Social Media

 Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are no longer places where friends just share their baby's photos. They have evolved into a business portal where any type of marketing can be done to the targeted audience. It could attribute to the large amount of time that people spend on social media. Repeated ads coming in your feed may subconsciously create a brand awareness. Even though u swipe forward, the image will remain in your mind. Paid Ads are becoming more popular. As per a recent survey, FB and Instagram ad revenue predicted for 2021 may touch a 100 Billion dollars globally.

5. eCommerce Platform

  The pandemic has forced everyone into their homes with many countries declaring partial or complete lockdown. eCommerce platform business has grown more than 17% in the last one year. eComm giants like Amazon and flipkart have seen a tremendous increase in online orders and while many businesses are downsizing, they are frantically hiring delivery agents to meet the demand.

6. Pay per click(PPC) 

  PPC allows specific targeting based on demographics, age and other filtering factors when trying to market online. Although an immediate rise in sales cannot be promised, the inbound lead will certainly increase and that can relate to higher revenue eventually. The campaign efficiency determines the quality of the PPC ad run. Now AI and machine learning can automate the PPC to increase the campaign effectiveness.

7. Video Marketing

 Why read when you can view it in the form of a nice video right? Creative videos have the power of convincing much more than written contents. Visualizing the intended use of the products advertised will help users relate better to their desire to own the product. Besides youtube is owned by Google,so it obvious that they will occupy higher rankings in SERP. YouTube channel ads are part of paid campaigns and with billions of users flocking to YouTube daily, thats not an opportunity to miss under any circumstances. Another key player is influencer marketing. Celebrities with huge followers are approached by various businesses to endorse their products for a hefty compensation. But choosing the right kind of celebrity is important. An example where it backfired famously is when Goya foods having the Former US President endorse their products publicly, leading to large scale boycott and backlash from the general public.

So if you're looking to stay ahead of the curve, talk to the experts today itself.

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