How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

  • Date: 24 / January / 2023
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How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

The digital world is growing and the necessity to have a mobile application for business is inclining over the years. How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App? To answer this question, first, you have to know about the stages of development and how long each process takes. The average timeline for developing a simple mobile app is around 2-4 months, whereas it takes 4-6 months and more than 9 months for average and complex app development. There are various aspects that decide the timeline of the development of an application such as the product complexity, model final structure, partner app development firm, and much more. It is always better to seek a professional team to have your business turn into an effective mobile app. Inter Smart Solution is a mobile app development in Kochi offering impeccable services in developing mobile applications.  

Types of Mobile Applications

Simple App- It usually contains a maximum of five screens, no exchange of data with other databases, and no storage of user action and stories, and normally users register with an email. 

Average Mobile App- It has multiple procedures. They have a personal account, social networks are authorized, server or website integration, payment systems and have about 10 screens. 

Complex Mobile Application- It includes real-time synchronization support, integration of database, animations, downloaded data work, interactivity, and many more.  

Factors That Affect the Timeline of Developing an App

The Intricacy of an Idea

It is the primary aspect that affects the timeline of developing an app. It consists of the features, screens, and roles of the product. It defines the software development necessity and efforts in design. The process can be extended along with the timeline for the back-end and front-end development, as well as testing. The more features are to be included, the more time it takes to create.  

The Requirements for Development

This includes the main features of the app. A detailed description of the requirements can reduce the time that is taken to develop the application. The features such as selecting CMS, third-party integrations, and infrastructure of the backend can incline or decline the time for the development. The more features you add the more overall cost and time will raise too. Following are some of the additional features that may or may not be useful for your business. 


  • Push notifications

  • Integration of payment

  • Messaging or chat box

  • Signing up using email or social media

  • Landscape or portrait view

  • Integration of map


Precise Result

The documentation is vital to get an idea of the final product and timeline of the project. These are later used by the designers in wireframing mockups. It helps in providing information on identifying potential pitfalls and in including necessary functionality. A professional mobile app development in Kerala can help you with the process. You can always contact Inter Smart Solution to get you creative and efficient mobile apps for your business.   

App Development Stages

The creation of an app includes various stages that can be a factor in deciding the timeline of developing a mobile app

Research and Planning of the App

Brief planning of the app can take up to one to two weeks and researching can take four to five weeks. People often underestimate this beginning part of developing the app. The more time that is taken in researching and planning the app can actually help in an easy briefing of the final product with precise planning on the requirements and features. 

Design and Development of the Application

The designing stage can take up to six to twelve weeks based on the complex designs and customization. This part also includes the testing of certain features and aspects of the app. Design elements and designs are arranged well to calculate the final product. The development stage contains the addition of various features and noting the precise working of the application features. If you need assistance in creating an app for your brand, we are a mobile app development company in Kochi that have expertise in building effective and convenient apps for various businesses.  

Rapid Prototyping

It can be worked along with the design and development. Developers build rapid and convenient interactions of your application that are tested by real users and seek their feedback. Quick prototyping can save the developers time as changes are done earliest time rather than at the time of the final product. The need for change or modifications at the final stage can make it hard for the developers and design team to check again. 

Deploying to Application Stores

This stage takes up to 2 weeks and includes the submission and review of the application. Certain documents like descriptions and icons are to be submitted to the app store or google play store.  

Product Launching

Predicting time in this stage is a difficult task. Updates and maintenance are to be done in order to launch the final product without any errors. You have to contact your app developers to know about it. 

To reiterate, every business is developing its own mobile application to enhance its business and expand it to a wider audience. Building an app includes many processes and can be completed in a certain period of time. The time that is taken for the development of an app is clearly dependent on the complexity of the requirements. Contact a professional development team to get you effectual mobile apps. Inter Smart Solution is a mobile app development company in Kerala that can offer convenient, effective, and creative solutions for your business. So if you are in need of an expert team, you know where to go!


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