Top 10 Google Extensions for SEO

  • Date: 09 / February / 2022
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Top 10 Google Extensions for SEO

Google Extensions are software programs that are constructed on web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It facilitates users to customize the Chrome browsing experience.

To change the functionality of the browser, they can be installed into Chrome. This includes enhancing new characteristics to Chrome or revising the existing behavior of the program itself. This makes it more convenient for the user.

Google extensions propose a wide range of additional functionality so that you can perform tasks easier or get more out of the websites you visit. It blocks the ads from being displayed. It manages the password and adds 'to-do lists' to chrome.

Google extensions make it easy to copy a text from any site. It protects the privacy of the user. It helps to make web browsing more secure. Extensions enable Chrome to run effectively by optimizing memory usage.


How Does Google Extensions Help to Understand SEO?

The following are some of the extensions that enable functionality, better security, and optimize the performance of Chrome:


Mozbar is an open google extension that makes it simple to get link metrics. It features the domain authority, page authority, and the number of backlinks for sites as you can. Mozbar makes it possible to dig into page elements. 

The users can view search results from a different country and they can also highlight the types of links on a page. It is possible to run unlimited page optimization reports with the help of Mozbar. It helps to view the keyword difficulty score for any search term in real-time.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere is a tool that illustrates three distinct information types for keywords on Google. The three information types are monthly search volume, cost per click, and Google Adwords competition. It is an in-browser extension. 

Going backward and forward from google keywords to your open browser page becomes the simplest thing to do when this extension gets installed. It allows you to download your table of keywords in excel or pdf file formats. It also lets you save all the keywords for future reference. It narrows down your result by specifying the country.


SEOquake is a free plugin that gives key SEO metrics. It also provides other useful tools such as SEO audit and many others. It allows you to measure keyword difficulty immediately. It puts parameters for search queries and studies all the major metrics.

SEOquake specifies a keyword's consistency and configures a stop-word list. It is really easy to install and work with this extension. It helps to compare several domains and checks your social statistics. SEOquake gives thorough reports for a specific page you are analyzing.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs SEO toolbar evaluates site properties and generates keywords, links, and ranking profiles that offer SEO advancements on your website. It is a browser extension used for competitive analysis. This toolbar is helpful for website owners, marketers, and SEO professionals.

Ahrefs toolbar gives access to the Page and Domain metrics. The view of the toolbar can be customized and related metrics can be chosen. It mostly helps to crawl the web and gets data under each URL on the SERP.

PageSpeeds Insights by Google

PageSpeeds Insights extension is a part of Google Webmaster Tools. It submits information on the desktop and mobile sites. It lets you promptly check the PageSpeed record. It increases your web development speed and provides suggestions on how to make the web pages run faster. It analyzes your website's content and its achievement to imply certain modifications. 

PageSpeed Insights assigns every analyzed website a desktop and mobile score corresponding to its performance. Based on the execution, it generates a report. It also shows recommendations to optimize your websites’ execution. 

Google Trends

As part of Webmaster tools, Google Trends is a set of extension tools for creating websites and incorporating them with Google. By using graphs, Google Trends shows analytics on the top searches in Google across various countries. It helps to identify the performance of SEO on your website.

Google Trends evaluates the portion of Google searches to calculate how many inquiries have been done for the terms entered. The data provided by Google Trends is edited daily. It is likely to query up to five words or topics simultaneously in Google Trends.  Results are shown in a graph that Google names a "Search Volume Index" graph.


Mangools extension tools are one of the most versatile SEO tools around. It permits us to conduct a combination of tasks and functions that make it an incredible tool to use. Mangools is a set of equipment that offers dependability from keyword research, link building, and rank tracking. 

It helps to establish the strength of the website in one click. The extension offers an abrupt switch between the backlinks to a domain and the exact URL. One of the main goals of the SEO extension by Mangools is to simplify the process and to fetch many small SEO tools under one roof.


SimilarWeb is the best extension that authorizes users to detect statistics and strategies for any website while browsing the internet with just a click. This extension is beneficial for those looking for fresh and workable SEO strategies. It is also helpful for those who are interested in evaluating different trends across the market.

Redirect Path

Redirect Path brings potential issues that may not otherwise be seen to your attention instantly. It flags up redirects and errors and also displays other HTTP Headers and the server IP Address at the click of a button. It is useful for checking the individual redirect path of a URL. It also provides all the information regarding the domain redirects.

Redirect Path prohibits other HTTP Headers such as Server types, X-Robots tag, Cookies, Caching, and Server IP Address. Client-side redirect detection such as JavaScript redirects and meta Redirects can also be done. 


Serpstat extension is formulated for fast and extensive analysis of any website. All essential data is accessible with one click directly on the site. It benefits you to find out the degree of website optimization.

Serpstat gives you a substantial list of SEO metrics, analyses, and tips. Serpstat brings analyzing competitors' data easier than ever. The extension enables you to furnish quickly a keyword research.

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