Top 7 YouTubers in Kerala

  • Date: 17 / June / 2021
  • Post By: Admin

Video watching for entertainment has seen a drastic shift in platforms since the advent of the internet. People used to rely on just TV and radio for mass entertainment programs before that. YouTube is the most popular online video sharing and social media platform launched by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in February 2005. Seeing the huge potential in the promising platform, Google bought YouTube for a whopping US$1.65 billion in stock in November 2006. Even after 16 years after its inception, YouTube still ranks the number one position in video sharing platforms across the globe and garners more than a billion views per day!

With so many visitors, it is a golden opportunity for businesses to target and showcase their products and services to the world. So YouTube started the monetization program for content creators, which is called the YouTube Partner program. Creating a channel & becoming a verified YouTube partner is the first step of many to generate revenue from YouTube.Kerala also has great content creators emerging every day and below is the list of the current Top 5 YouTubers in Kerala (according to the number of subscribers).


  • Karikku

Launched in 2017 by its founder Nikhil Prasad, the channel was a massive success with the audience. They first gained popularity with their first Web series titled "Thera Para" which concentrated a group of friends of the same age group. Today they have series touching many genres and topics spanned over 78 videos with their unique touch of humor. They have an active 7.02 Million subscribers with the number growing each day. Their average daily viewership is in the range of 1.1 Million and is expected to earn a monthly income of $20K (approx 15 Lakhs) from ads. The amount they earn with product placements in their content could be much more.




  • M4 Tech(Geo Joseph)


While working on his Diploma studies, Geo Joseph created a ‘Do it Yourself’ channel called M4 Tech in 2017. Since then he has created and published around 278 videos which are filled with fun and interesting content. His unique presentation style of reviewing new gadgets and encouraging DIY science experimental videos is very popular with children and adults alike, increasing his subscriber’s count to 6.32 Million. With almost 2.4 million views per day, the channel is expected to earn at least upward of $30K(approx 22 lakhs) per month.




  • Village Food Channel


Residing in Palakkad and bringing the local flavors to life with a unique cooking style is what has made the Village Food Channel famous. It is hosted and created by Firoz Chuttipara who left his job in Saudi Arabia as a welder to start his own channel. His fame does not lie within the boundaries of the country and he is regularly invited abroad for showcasing his cooking skills by many NRIs. There are around 4.78 Million subscribers to the channel and at least 2.3 million daily viewership. The monthly revenue is expected to exceed $15K( 11 lakhs INR) per month.



  • Arjyou


Arjun Sundaresan from Alappuzha is a young talented Vlogger who became famous with his roasting & mocking take on Tik Tok videos. Viewers were able to quickly relate to his channel content and quirky remarks. Aside from Vlogging, Arjun is talented in photography and pursues his BA in Multimedia. Although the channel started in 2013, it was only until recently that he became a sensation. Currently, the channel has 3.28 Million subscribers with a daily viewership of 223K. So far he has done 43 videos and becomes trending every time he does a new video.




  • UNBOXINg dude


Salih KT is a young influencer from Cochin who has a very interesting name as the UNBOXINg dude. With only 19 years of age, Salih is the youngest on our list. His primary focus is mobile and technology-related products and their promotion. Often seen together with his younger sister ‘Saliha’ in the videos, the duo has managed to capture the attention of audiences of all age groups. With interesting topics and their little celebrations, they have managed to garner 3M subscribers in 3 years with a daily viewership of 1.6 Million. So far the channel has around 1053 videos posted and the frequency of new ones being added is increasing with their popularity.




  • Veenas Curry world


What started as a food blog in 2008 by a humble homemaker settled in Dubai, became a worldwide sensation with a nostalgic touch of the Kerala Cuisine when Mrs. Veena Jan started her Youtube Channel in 2015. Veenas Curry world currently has 2.14 Million subscribers with just over a thousand videos promoting self-cooking and has been among the top 5 for quite some time since late 2016. She posts around 4 videos per week and is an inspiration for other budding chefs to share their recipes with the world.




  • Tech Travel Eat


Tech Travel Eat is entirely dedicated to providing information and reviews on anything that falls under the category of Technology, Traveling, and Food. The Channel currently has 1.56 Million subscribers with over 1206 videos. It is hosted and owned by Sujith Bhakthan in which he takes the audience through his various journeys and corresponding experiences. He is passionate about the Kerala State Transport run busses and had started a blog dedicated to that in 2008 by the name “”.




As of June 2021, the Indian YouTube channel, T-series is the channel with the highest number of subscribers in the world. It overtook its competition “PewDiePie” in May 2019 and currently stands at number one position with 184 Million subscribers and a staggering 15,488 videos with an estimated monthly revenue approaching INR 90 Crores(USD 12.5 Million).  The Worldwide advertising revenues of YouTube increased from USD 8.15 Million in 2017 to USD 19.77 Million in 2020. These figures have attracted a lot of interest from the younger generation and it has risen to become a chance at fame and glory on top of the apparent financial gain. The spot for the Top 5 YouTubers in Kerala is very competitive and will change based on the number of quality videos added and the possibility that they become viral or not. One thing for certain is that it never depends on the age or social status of the presenter.

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