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PPC Services: Achieve Record Revenue with PPC that delivers

Collaborate with us to formulate cost-effective Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns to grab customer attention, enhance web traffic, increase qualified leads, and boost conversions. Custom-crafted, target-centric, pay-per-click services from us would nudge the potential towards the CTA button. Our PPC team would design, create, optimize, and launch engaging contents that will augment the growth of the entity.

PPC Agency - Focused on Highly Targeted Audience

Carpet marketing has been in vogue previously. Yes, all were enquired, irrespective of their demographic aspects or choices, whether they want a particular product or not. The Digital era transformed the way advertising is done. Nowadays, digital marketing experts can identify the right segment of users and target the marketing campaign to them.

PPC ad campaigns are one of the most budget-friendly digital marketing methodologies. The immensely talented and experienced professionals from our PPC agency in Kochi, Kerala use a target-driven and focussed approach that can deliver results. A thorough analysis would highlight the probable users, the prospective leads, who could be converted into returning customers.

We are happy to be one of the prominent PPC companies in Kerala that has been instrumental in the popularization of pay per click services. Furthermore, we are fortunate to serve some of the leading players from different business verticals and watch those scaling heights of success, beyond geographical boundaries.

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Achieve record revenue with PPC that delivers

Revenue growth is certain with intelligently engineered PPC services. A meticulously devised strategy is what differs a prolific PPC campaign from others. What’s the use of the increased traffic that doesn’t convert to sales or business growth? The PPC agency in Kochi, Kerala, India, should be able to focus on the target audience and pitch the brand to them.

Business Objectives –Every advertisement and marketing campaign would be planned on the goals expected by the business. PPC services are no different. The PPC Company should discuss and confirm the business objectives with the client.

Track, Research and Identify – PPC agencies in Kerala, India, or in any other corner of the world should track the prospective users, research their perceptions and identify their tastes. The orientation of the PPC ads would depend on this very aspect. A PPC advertisement campaign undertaken consequently would deliver a phenomenal outcome.

Launch, Monitor, and Improve – A constant monitoring and enhancement is vital for developing a constantly winning PPC campaign.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

A noticeable position in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) can change the game in favor of the brand. It would guide potential leads to the website, most of them converting into customers. On the other hand, this is easier said than done. A team of experts is the mainstay in SEM or search engine marketing.

You cannot expect sales or growth of the business if the wrong persons are directed to the portal right? The PPC ad campaign and the SEM should determine the useful keywords, key phrases, and topics. The leads should be ushered to the online portal through brilliantly developed content that is related to the business.

One can opt for either of the two ways for the SEM campaign, i.e. Organic Results or Paid PPC Campaign.

Organic Results – Topics selected after thorough analysis and content created would help attain excellent organic reach. Search engines like Google want to provide optimal user experience (UX). Therefore, only aptly crafted content that offers value, information, guidance, entertainment and so on would be able to reach the top of the SERP. It simply indicates that spammy content would not succeed in gaining a position on the first page of SERP. With constantly altering algorithmic calculations, Google ensures that SEM companies cannot just get away with any content.

Paid SEM Campaign – The paid search engine marketing campaign may not require accurately prepared content or keyword-oriented campaigns. Nonetheless, the website should be content useful for the customers to hook them and prompt them to take actions like purchase, subscribe, follow, etc. Paid SEM campaign could be PPC (Pay per Click) or PPE (Pay per Engagement).

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Creating a Successful SEM Campaign

Creating a successful SEM campaign necessitates a handpicked team of professionals with extensive experience in the digital marketing sphere. Instead of focussing only on organic leads or paid campaigns, the team should blend both the type effectively. Paid Search Engine Marketing campaign may be considered an alternative to give an amplified push for the business.

Our PPC agency has been helping clients attain immense growth through our judiciously designed, affordable PPC services. One of the best PPC companies in Kochi, Kerala, we have served numerous domestic as well as international clients. The experience we gained over the period since inception has led us to be one of the most promising PPC companies in Kerala, India.

Ad Creative & Ad Text – Ad creative must be in such a way that it should hook the audience at first glance itself. The text must be intriguing and engaging for them to click on the ad to know more. At the same time, we don’t use any misleading texts or images in our SEM ad creative. Such an ad creative may show some initial jump but will affect the identity of the brand negatively. Leading to rejection by the customers for a long time. The ad campaign must be strong enough to create bondage with the customers and hold them with the brand for a long time.

Targeting Audiences & Keywords – Not every customer will buy every product. Picking the audience, who possesses a high conversion probability, is the main task in designing the SEM campaign. Increased website visitors may not lead to conversions. The audience must be chosen based on their tastes, views, shopping choices, demography, and geographical location. The keywords have also to be according to the brand and the audience segment. It is vital for channelizing the right leads to the website and promoting brand growth.

High-Converting Landing Pages & Sales Funnel – High conversion and reduced bounce rate is the main aim of SEM campaigns, PPC services, and comprehensive digital marketing. The best PPC agency in Kochi, Kerala, or anywhere else in the world, should organize the SEM to have extraordinary conversions and growing sales. Digital marketing is a tricky field with intricate elements to look into. Both the landing page of the website and sales funnel must be designed constructively to guide the prospective buyer towards the CTA button.

Building a Google Search PPC Campaign – Google dominates the search engine space on the internet with more than 90% customer footprint. It is not a surprising fact that Google decides how a business will perform in the digital world. A PPC expert preparing and launching a Google search PPC campaign should bear this in mind whilst designing the way forward. Only a diligent PPC campaign can outperform others and come out with flying colors. Our PPC company in India derives each of the PPC services after exhaustive analysis and brainstorming by the professional team. In turn, we could make each of our PPC ad campaigns and SEM to the point and rewarding for the client.

Ping us now to discuss a cost-effective PPC Campaign and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for you. Our team is always at your service. We would submit you a custom-tailored PPC service package that would meet all your requirements.

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Launch Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Launch a strategized Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to have effective marketing that reaches out to the right clients. We utilize a data-driven, AI-aided, SEM methodology that would ensure that the business is highlighted to prospective users.

The online world can deliver you with exemplary outcomes if you succeed in understanding the nuances and playing to them. The expertise our team holds in digital marketing techniques helps us in outshining the rivals and attaining the image of leading SEM and PPC companies in Kerala. Our clientele spans across the world, beyond borders.

Serving each of our clients wholeheartedly, by understanding their needs and programming the PPC and SEM campaign based on the goals, we change the prospects in favor of them. Our search engine marketing methodology has multiple facets. An all-encompassing tact derives the best reach and growth.

The digital techniques for search engine optimization include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Optimize the web content to connect the portal with customers. We use tactics including on-page SEO, Technical SEO, third-party linking, and optimized metadata.

Search Retargeting – Retarget the potential leads to hook them to the brand and convert them into customers.

Remarketing – Remarket the product to those users who have shown interest in your brand.

Setting Up Customized Paid Listings – Set up cost-effective listings to enhance visibility and reach.

Social Media Management – Our SMM experts would manage the social media pages for you, to have extensive publicity and promotion.

Social Media Marketing – Utilize social media platforms to generate word-of-mouth publicity, in turn, business development.

Exploration of detailed online marketing scenarios – Constantly observing the networks and online activities, we undertake changes accordingly.

Utilization of online directories – Let the directories highlight your business to the customers, searching for a particular product or service.

FAQs about PPC firms
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What is Pay Per Click?

PPC or Pay Per Click is a cost-effective online marketing method. PPC will help display the product or business to the prospective audience and convert them into customers. A specific amount will be charged every time a customer clicks on the PPC ad. Pay per Click campaigns is known to improve web traffic and thus aid in better conversions than normal.

An effective Pay per Click (PPC) campaign could be set up only after a thorough analysis of the brand peculiarities, market segment, and customer views. It simply means every PPC ad or placing Pay per Click advertisements without any research may not be of use.

What is the Cost of a Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

The cost of a Pay per Click (PPC) campaign cannot be stated without knowing the details. The good thing is that the PPC ad campaign can be customized according to the budgetary constraints of the business. PPC ad is undoubtedly one of the most budget-friendly digital marketing methods.

Businesses around the world have turned towards digital technology to reach out to potential customers. The traditional marketing methods have become more or less obsolete owing to the exorbitant costs involved. Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign is a productive alternative to normal ads.

How Can Pay Per Click Compliment an SEO Campaign?

A Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or SEO campaign can be perfectly complemented with a PPC ad campaign. Utilizing the Pay per Click services, the right customer can be directed to the website. The SEO tactics incorporated are crucial for picking up qualified leads. Thus enhancing the conversion rate remarkably.

SEO experts would identify the keywords, phrases, and relevant topics for a brand. The content created focussing on the key elements would be optimized and launched to engage the probable customer group. The demographic exclusivities also would be considered whilst planning and preparing the PPC and SEO campaigns.

Advantages of Pay Per Click?

Pay per Click (PPC) ad campaign is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing campaigns. The client will not have to pay unless a customer is not clicked on the PPC ad. Further, a properly designed PPC marketing campaign would make sure that only the qualified leads are guided to the website. The bounce rate can be lowered significantly this way.

The pay-per-Click campaign can be formulated according to the budget of the client. The cut-off amount can be fixed in advance if one wants. Moreover, PPC ads are known to provide optimal ROI. Unlike other ad campaigns where you are shooting in the dark, PPC helps you hit the bull’s eyes with precise strategies.

Why Intersmart For PPC Management Services?

Intersmart has been one of the leading PPC management services in Kerala, India. We are fortunate to serve several prominent entities from India, as well as, abroad. The commitment of our experienced PPC team, SEO experts, content creators, marketing professionals, and digital marketing specialists make us the best PPC Company to choose.

Dedicated to serving the clients without hampering their budget, we have affordably priced packages. Our team will submit to you the right package custom-designed according to the client’s requirements. You may relax and remain free about the PPC marketing campaigns once you have chosen us. Reach out to us to discuss more our digital marketing and PPC services and how we can help you.

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