Don't let poor campaigning pull down your Business

  • Date: 07 / June / 2021
  • Post By: Admin
Don't let poor campaigning pull down your Business

Campaigns are the backbone of any marketing division. Without proper marketing and sufficient advertising, it is difficult to stay afloat in the ever-evolving competitive market. Companies keep aside a good amount for marketing campaigns every month. It is a key factor when calculating the profit and loss of the company. So what happens when they don’t bring the desired result? 

First, let us identify the reason for a failed campaign. Not all marketing campaigns are bound to be successful but there is a certain return on investment(ROI) that is expected from each campaign. It is imperative to locate the ones which are performing poorly and take corrective action at the earliest to plug the leak of investment. Clear goals have to be set prior to the launch of the campaign and periodic checks have to be done to ensure a proper course of action. There are numerous reasons for a campaign to fail.

Who is your Target audience?

Target audience defines the group of people or organizations you intend to convey your message about the services or products offered. So recognizing who to reach is of paramount importance. Having an understanding of your target audience, their habits, purchasing decisions, preferences, and interests is very important for a successful marketing campaign. No matter how advanced your services are, unless it reaches the right group they are of no good to anyone. Many digital marketing companies in Kerala fail to do the essential research on the industry before proposing a campaign leading to futile efforts. Even if the campaign is delayed, it will be more productive than reaching a generic audience over a wide area. Also, invest time and manpower into learning about the industry before brainstorming the campaign.


Know your Competition

There is an ancient proverb that goes “ Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Although naming your competitors as your enemies is a bit harsh. Even the most successful brands keep a close eye on their competitors to learn about the innovations they bring to the market. As history teaches us, no company is too large that it will not be overtaken. Take for example the highly successful brand of Mobile phones, Nokia. There was a time when Nokia was synonymous with mobile phones. But their inability to adapt to the evolving technology of Androids led to their collapse. Even though they later introduced Android phones, they had lost all their loyal customers to other competitors who planned better. Staying up to date with the latest changes in your line of business is crucial and campaigns also need to reflect the research. Outdated marketing strategies and unpopular platforms may render ineffective results.


Sales team Input

Salespeople are the front runners of a company and are the ones who face the customers. They know how to close the deal and their insights really help to understand the customer reactions to the campaigns. Also, they can collect crucial information like which channels led the customers to know about the company, how relevant they felt the ad was, and other important feedback. Armed with this knowledge, the marketing team will be able to make appropriate changes to improve the campaign. Involving the salespeople in the brainstorming sessions would really help to refine the marketing strategies.

Timing is Everything

No matter how creative and well researched your campaign is, the timing of advertising your USPs needs to be spot on, without which the whole campaign may end up in vain. You need to have a fair understanding of your consumer and their purchasing patterns, in order to intervene at the right time. In order to understand the buyer’s purchasing journey, you should be tracking and analyzing the consumer interaction on your platform. If this journey takes place online, consider heat maps, Google Analytics, and other analysis tools. Figuring out the buyer’s journey will give you a better idea of when you want your messages delivered. Digital Marketing Company in Kerala can help to ensure frequent and timely delivery of your marketing messages.


Lack of Creativity

Now let us talk about the campaign content. The online market is very fierce in competition and everyone is bidding for the attention of your audience. So how do you stand out from the crowd to get noticed? No marketing campaign should be done for the sake of doing it. Plenty of research and comparison has to be done for developing unique content that is creative enough to capture attention. Creativity develops an emotional link between you and your audience. The more creative the campaign, the longer and deeper the impact will be. Also, they tend to be circulated more on social media helping your cause of reaching more relevant audiences. The marketing team has a huge responsibility to look at the campaign from all perspectives like age group, demography, financial capacity, political stance, etc. But make sure that the creativity does not upset the beliefs of anyone whether they are in your target audience or not. There are many examples of simple ad campaigns involving world-famous celebrities that got publicly shunned because of the poor choice of words and/or poor execution. The marketing campaigns need to be crisp and should inspire the audience for a clear call to action, whether it is to buy products or enlist in the courses offered. The digital marketing company in Kochi has proven materials that can help you to be unique and inspiring.


Campaign Frequency

A marketing campaign needs to reach its audience 6 to 10 times in a day for at least 25% conversion. The frequency of your marketing campaign determines the success rate. For a successful marketing campaign, it is important that the campaign reaches the target audience frequently until your services are imprinted on the minds and hearts of your target customers. It is not necessary to have a big budget for this, even a small budget when spread smartly, will bring good results. Also, this helps to put forth the Unique Selling Point(USP) of your company and relate them to your audience. It all depends on how precisely they are organized in your campaign. An inability to communicate the core differentiators often leads to missed opportunities.


Realistic Success Metrics

There are many indicators of a successful marketing campaign, like increased sales, higher conversion rates, improved consumer interaction, and augmented brand recognition. If you look at just one of these metrics, it may appear as though your campaign was a failure when perhaps it wasn’t as bad as you think. For example, your campaign may significantly increase traffic to your website, but a greater number of visitors may still result in decreased conversion rates even though the sale count increased. Consider all the metrics of success before you launch a campaign and come up with realistic and attainable results for your marketing campaign.


Stay tech Savy

 A lack of know-how to use modern software and the latest methods to automate elements and funnel inquiries may hurt the lead nurturing success rate. You may be missing the ability to drive traffic to a website without converting these traffic to leads or driving the wrong traffic to your website because of irrelevant keywords you used to rank higher in Google. The Google algorithm is like a moving target; ever-evolving to provide the best user experience. Running the business and keeping track of these updates may not go hand in hand. There are plenty of Digital marketing Companies in Kochi that can ensure your investments in marketing are not wasted.

Lastly, give the campaign some time before writing it off as unsuccessful. When you don’t get the desired results you want from a marketing campaign it can be discouraging. And the last thing you want to do is invest more money and time in a failing campaign. However, you need to ensure you give your marketing campaign adequate time to succeed. The best way to do this is to set timelines and aims before the campaign launch. Start at your desired result and work backward. This enables you to measure its success using pre-determined goals at specific intervals.

Intersmart is a leading Digital Marketing Company in Kochi with more than 10 years of experience in the field of digital marketing and its associated risks. So next time you think of running a campaign, consult with the experts to ensure good ROI.

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