Google lead Form Ads - Drive More Genuine Leads

  • Date: 26 / July / 2021
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Google lead Form Ads

Gaining more customers and increasing conversion rate is the prime aim of every company. They hire professional digital marketing firms to formulate and facilitate custom-designed tactics to generate interest among the customers and capture potential leads. Nonetheless, lackluster sales or growth percentage is a cause of concern for business entities.   

Google Lead Form Ads have been a novel initiative from the search engine giant to aid firms to improve the chances of conversions. Using this comparatively new tact, entities can obtain qualified leads, as well as, augment the conversion probability phenomenally.

Let’s look into the detailed aspects of Google lead form ads. In addition, how to utilize it for the best advantage.

What is a Google lead form ad?

Google lead form ads or lead form extensions are pre-filled forms with the user’s data, fetched from their Google account, with a CTA button like apply now, subscribe, follow, etc. The simplified lead form will reduce the time consumed for filling the data. Hence, the customers interested in a particular service or product can opt for it instantly without spending much time.

The Google lead form ads remove half of the burden concerning conversions. To put it precisely, it is more difficult to earn a customer or convert a user into a customer than to direct the potential lead to a company website or social media page. With the Google lead form ad in place, the firms can expect a leap in conversion. Nevertheless, the digital marketing agency finalizing the strategy, formulating the tact, and placing the ad must study comprehensively before implementation.

Benefits of Google Lead Form Ads

The exclusive benefits offered by Google lead form ads have been the driving force behind its exalted acceptance. It is advantageous for the firms expecting a high impact in the market, establishing a remarkable identity, and gaining info about the customers.

·         Google lead forms can turn in more users since the pre-filled form doesn’t consume time. The only action required from the individual, most of the time, is a click on the CTA button. The ease and convenience make the service attractive.

  • The forms are compatible across devices. It will have the same efficacy in different platforms including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Technically advanced setup is another factor that makes Google lead form a viable option.
  • Clients or the assigned digital marketing firms can custom-tailor the form to suit their needs.
  • Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enables capturing of customer info as and when they show interest in your business.
  •  A proper blend of Google lead form, CRM software, and automated email marketing can be useful to improve databases and reach out to them systematically.
  • The companies can prepare and launch Google forms to target a specific customer segment, who exhibit high conversion probability.
  • Google lead form ads are ideal for remarketing and retargeting ads.

How to Determine Conversion Rates and Undertake Performance Analysis of Google Lead Forms?

The companies must observe the performance of the Google leads forms and evaluate the conversions. A lead form with an unimpressive conversion would require significant modifications in respect of the target audience, format, or any other important aspect.

  • Conversion Tracking Tool from Google is the foremost apparatus that assists in assessing the rate of conversions.
  • Calculation with respect to Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) will render an elaborate understanding of the expenditure to return percentage.
  • Confirm the customer funneling and the reasons for drop out (if any) for introducing changes.
  • Measure the Return Of Investment (ROI) and affirm the efficiency of the Google lead form ad.

Dos and Don’ts on Google Lead Form Ads

Google is strict about the users’ privacy and they are strictly against misuse of any personal data. The digital marketing agencies facilitating Google lead form ads must ensure that they are abiding by the policies laid down by Google. Violation of policies can lead to severe implications.


  •  Observe all the regulations promulgated by Google
  • Pursue standard Google ads practice specified


  •  Personal information should not be shared with a third party without the individual’s consent.
  • The usage of the personal info collected should be clear to the user. A URL link clarifying the firm’s privacy policy should be available in the Google lead form.

The Conclusion

Google Lead Form Ads are one of the best digital marketing methods for driving more genuine leads. It offers remarkable growth without much expenditure. You can reach out to us to know more about Google lead form ads.

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