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If you want to establish a firm, you must correctly brand it. Naming a company should be at the top of your priorities list. However, coming up with an appropriate name may be difficult. Fortunately, there are several company name generators to get inspiration from. In this article, we’ll show you the best Top 10 free business name generators for your brand that you should check out. 

  • Shopify

  • Brand Root

  • Oberlo

  • Brand Bucket

  • Naminum

  • Namerific

  • Biznamewiz

  • Name Station

  • Anadea




If you wish to start an online store, Shopify Business Name Generator is a pretty useful tool. It allows you to select your preferred store type, such as apparel, jewelry, furniture, etc. As a result, the business name ideas will be tailored to that specific sector. The main disadvantage is that you cannot input several queries to narrow down the search results.

Another amazing feature of the Shopify Name Generator is the Exchange market. It is a location where you may purchase an existing store as well as its company name. If you do not intend to establish your business from scratch, this platform may be able to supply you with a rapid answer.


Brand Root

Brandroot, as the name implies, is all about creating a brand. Brandroot is a reputable business name supplier for anyone looking to get a high-quality and premium-class domain. When you input a term, a list of brand names that you may purchase will be displayed. Though brand names will cost you more than conventional names, your chances of success will skyrocket (since these names are more catchy and easily remembered).

You may also indicate which names you like and hate. When you finally click the "Generate New Names" button, Brandroot will improve the recommendations and come up with the most suitable names for you. For roughly $2,000, you can acquire an exquisite name or some inspiration for a keyword-based business name.




While other applications have too many filters, Oberlo Brand Name Generator attempts to keep things simple. Simply enter your keywords, click create names, and it will generate many pages of company name suggestions for you. The problem is that the firm names frequently sound too common as if the program arbitrarily adds more words to each result item.

Brand Bucket

BrandBucket provides a plethora of options that have been pre-selected by a team of specialists from across the world. You may select "created" words, "keywords," or "all" words, and then you'll see a list of prospective business names with pricing to meet all budgets. You should be able to pick a name you like from the approximately 28,000 available on BrandBucket. You can also choose a domain name, like with most company name websites.



Naminum is one of the best software tools for generating business names. Users may use this application to generate high-quality business names, domain names, and website titles. You may also add suffixes and prefixes to the term. It is capable of constructing the domain title in a single easy-to-remember word.

When you input a term, a list of domain names is displayed. You must manually check whether or not the specific domain word is accessible. As a result, the manual inspection might be inconvenient for consumers because it takes time.


Namerific is another sophisticated and feature-rich name generator. With well-designed logos, users may establish catchy and appealing domain names. However, it is not a free website. When you type terms into the search field, it returns a long list of stamps and domain names. It also includes ready-to-use symbols and domain names.

The Namerific tool is ideal for any company, business, application, product, service, blog, website, and so on. Users receive their selected domain names and design logos in a short period of time. It offers a blog area that helps newcomers come up with catchy business titles and domain names.


BizNameWiz is an excellent, dependable, and completely free company name-generating software program. It can develop uncommon and one-of-a-kind names for businesses and goods. Simply input a keyword and it will return a large number of terms to help you come up with an uncommon business name. The filter option may be used to sort the titles by industry, character, length, and a variety of other criteria.

The fact that this application employs AI-powered algorithms to generate words is a significant benefit. It is, nevertheless, best suited for new agencies and small organizations. This tool is free to use if all you want to do is create a distinctive and appealing business title. However, in order to generate a domain name, you must first visit other domain sellers like the GoDaddy website.

Name Station

NameStation offers a simple search bar that generates a unique business name by combining keywords with synonyms, related terms, and wordlists. You may store your ideal name and produce a name that is similar to it. NameStation also offers crowd-sourced company name contests where you can gain support from the community in finding the greatest business name.



Anadea is a free business name generator that will help you come up with relevant and catchy name ideas for your company. Enter a keyword for your business name and click the Generate Names button. It will also provide you with a list of hundreds of unique and cool names from which to pick for your business.

The greatest part is that it will take you to a new page where you can get an estimate for a domain and website construction service. Anadea is unusual in that it produces the website and mobile app names in addition to brand or business names. Anadea can help create names for a wide range of industries, including software, technology, travel, healthcare, etc. It doesn't provide you with many possibilities, but if you want a few well-chosen names with domain pricing, Anadea is a fantastic option. is one of the quickest ways to simplify brainstorming and quickly generate a distinctive business name for your business or brand. The quick and easy yet sophisticated naming algorithm will assist you in finding the ideal business name – or simply flex your creative muscles as you browse naming choices. You may save your favorites and pick between creative one-word and multiple-word brand names as you search. There are also specialized, extensive name recommendations for blogs, YouTube channels, and a variety of other platforms. Overall, if you're searching for a free method to get your company going, BusinessNameGenerator is a good option.

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