What Are Some Examples of Guerrilla Marketing in India?

  • Date: 09 / December / 2021
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What Are Some Examples of Guerrilla Marketing in India?

The primary goal of business is to make a profit, without which no firm can exist. Marketing is a process that necessitates significant capital outflows in order to produce financial inflows. Not many businesses can afford to spend large quantities of money on marketing. This necessitated the development of a more cost-effective marketing peripheral, and guerilla marketing arose to fill the hole. Guerrilla marketing has gained worldwide popularity owing to the bold and vivid display of ideas. 

What exactly is Guerilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing technique that uses unconventional ways to capture the public's attention in order to increase sales and brand image in the market.

When we hear the word "guerrilla marketing," we immediately think of guerilla warfare, which makes sense given that this type of marketing received its name from guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla tactics in combat depended on the element of surprise. According to Creative Guerrilla Marketing, think "ambushes, sabotage, and raids." But how does this transfer into the job we perform on a daily basis? Guerrilla marketing strategies rely heavily on the element of surprise. It aims to design very unorthodox advertisements that catch individuals off guard throughout their regular activities.

While larger corporations pay millions in marketing, a small firm may target a certain demographic or location and spend a fraction of its resources to acquire momentum. The primary goal of guerrilla marketing is to maximize a brand's reach while keeping expenditures to a minimum. To execute an effective campaign, various aspects must be considered.

The following are some universal aspects of guerrilla marketing:

  • Guerilla marketing strategies are extremely targeted in terms of where they are deployed.

  • Authenticity is essential. It's not guerilla when it's been done previously or resembles something else.

  • It does not break the bank or necessitate large marketing spending.

  • Guerilla marketing takes place when and where your target audience least expects it. However, it must be well-timed.

  • The execution must be flawless on the first try. Guerilla marketing cannot be replicated or scaled.

  • Guerilla marketing does not take the place of a marketing strategy or commercials. It creates a buzz for you.

What Are Some Examples of Guerrilla Marketing in India?

  • Sarova Hotels - Leopard on the Lamppost












Sarova Hotels used a clever guerrilla marketing strategy to raise awareness about wildlife. Anyone who has seen it would breathe a sigh of relief once you discovered it was an ad for an environmental group. However, in the instance of Sarova, this is a local hotel company rather than an NGO.

Sarova Hotels, according to its website, have incorporated social and environmental issues into their business operations. As a result, the leopard-on-a-lamppost advertisement makes sense. But do you know what else it does? This guerilla marketing campaign is an excellent strategy for increasing brand recognition and promoting the brand's identity. Sarova demonstrates that drawing attention to your cause is an excellent marketing approach as a good example of one of the best guerrilla marketing ideas available. And with that leopard on that pole, you'd think twice before dismissing the next "Save the trees" campaign!

  • Faber Castle - Paint the sky

2e9deb86441addd490af0bcb76f1e3e3.jpg (548×405)















An eye-catching Faber Castell billboard shows that even youngsters can create something as lovely as the sky. Their placement of the large hoarding with a child holding a paintbrush garnered much attention and appreciation.

  • 5 Star & Cadbury

225172d3d4dfe1f9c9c68021aad896a0.jpg (736×229)







Viewers were entertained by the Cadbury Dairy Milk and 5 Star's Valentine's Day take on each other. One hoarding from Dairy Milk highlights the extent to which you can go for your loved one whereas the contrasting 5-star ad focuses on staying put while doing nothing.

What Guerrilla Marketing Is Not

Determining what it is, actually leads us to the next stage- determining what it isn't.

  • It is not a strategy that depends solely on one channel to attain a goal. "Rather than assuming that single marketing weapons, such as advertising, succeed, guerrillas understand that only marketing combinations function," argues Jay Conrad Levinson(father of guerrilla marketing).

  • It is not a good approach for risk-averse brands. If top management has little taste for risk, or if you work in a conservative field like corporate banking or traditional financial services, this may not be for you.

  • This isn't traditional media. Even if a marketing or advertising campaign is exceptionally creative, distinctive, and inventive, it is unlikely to qualify as guerrilla if it depends mostly on traditional media such as print, TV, or radio advertising to communicate the message.

Never intentionally disturb, frighten, or provoke others in a bad way. The aim has to be to implement something that the audience will enjoy, embrace, and possibly share with their friends.

Smart Tips for Effective Guerrilla Marketing

1. Be original and creative.

This is the most critical advice that any business owner should remember. Never try to imitate other firms' advertisements or techniques, especially those of your rivals. People like commercials that are one-of-a-kind, something they have never seen before, and that are innovative enough to get their attention.

2. Selecting a Strategic Location

It is critical to select a venue that will provide the greatest reach and interaction. Locations are carefully picked. It might be a location that people frequent and are easily seen. Another crucial element to consider when choosing a site is finding a location where your target audience may be found.

3. Outwit Your Competitor with your creativity

Make use of your competitor's ads for your own benefit. Point out little flaws in their commercials and demonstrate how you are superior to them in your own. Use funny remarks to get people to click on your advertising.

4. Keep your guerilla marketing campaign interactive

Anything interactive is a hit! Why? Because it helps the consumer feel like they are a part of the process. Allowing your target audience to participate in your campaign makes them feel as though they are contributing to something bigger. Interactivity is the alpha and omega of success, especially for guerilla operations supporting a worthy cause.

5. Don’t go behind "Viral" content

Nobody can guarantee you'll go viral. However, you can do all in your power to increase the likelihood of virality. From press releases to sponsored marketing to organizing the assistance of your influencers and audiences, viral content is seldom manufactured to order. If you want results, you must make it work from the start. If not, you should return to your planning. Like the old saying- Rome was not built in a single day. So assemble your crew, execute a few low-cost campaigns, learn from them, and then deliver the ultimate hit!

6. Evaluate Performance

Determine how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your guerrilla marketing strategy. Here are a few of the most significant KPIs to consider:

  • brand recall

  • social media shares

  • user engagement

  • sales

Effectively done, guerrilla marketing can really strike your message to the masses like no other form of marketing. Hiring professionals who have proven records and innovative ideas would be a good idea for your next marketing gig. 

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