A Mini-Guide to Successful Mobile App Launch

  • Date: 25 / January / 2023
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A Mini-Guide to Successful Mobile App Launch

The ultimate goal of mobile app development is to release or re-release a mobile application that drives downloads and maintains high user engagement. Unfortunately, grabbing potential customers' attention and standing out in the app industry has grown more complex - the first quarter of 2022 recorded 37 billion worldwide app installations, showing an 11% rise from 2021.

To avoid making an error and receiving no return on your investment in terms of the cost to launch an app, we will describe the proper way to launch your application here. However, if you require expert assistance, looking for a mobile app development company in Kochi is always a good idea to make your life easy.

STEP 1: Know your audience

Market research and knowing your audience is the first step to a successful mobile app launch. Knowing precisely what your target customer wants will allow you to grasp better how your product answers their problems and fits into their daily lives. 

Also, this study might reveal what customers dislike about the apps currently accessible on the market. This allows you to ensure that your product does not follow suit. Observing their activities and attitudes makes it critical to investigate the underlying causes of your users' complaints.

STEP 2: Marketing your app 

With nearly five million apps available in the Apple and Google app stores, you must offer something unique and valuable to get potential customers to download your app. After establishing your target user, it's time to figure out what sets your app apart from the competition. 

This is known as a Unique Value Proposition, which explains why your product is valuable and why your customers should invest in it. Remember that just describing what your software performs will drown out your message. Instead, concentrate on how it differs from any other product on the market. Reach out to friends, communities, and influencers to gain support for your mobile app or produce and distribute product videos online. You can also construct a blog or a website that will serve as the app's landing page.

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STEP 3: Social Media buzz.

Social media can blow up things faster than a bomb. So many apps have gone viral, all thanks to social media. Titok, Instagram, and Reddit are great platforms for app promotions.

Intersmart Solutions, the top web development in Kochi, can provide you with the proper social media promotion is a perfect way to promote your app.

STEP 4: BETA Testers

Registered beta testers for apps on the App Store or Play Store exist. They will be the most reliable source of honest feedback for your software. Take the feedback from the testers and use it to improve your app even further.

STEP 5: App Store Listing

Being featured on the Play Store or the Software Store is a massive accomplishment for any app, and the goal is to increase downloads from all of these factors. You'll also need to consider app description, visuals, and targeted keywords.

Media outreach strategy 

An appropriate media strategy is pivotal in creating awareness and hype in mobile app advertising. Firstly, you need to establish your story by determining the value your software provides and what distinguishes it. Next, begin reaching out to authors, journalists, and bloggers with an audience similar to those you're attempting to connect with.

Mistakes to avoid post-app launch

  • Neglecting Security  

Security is a vital part of user experience. When someone visits your app and registers, they provide essential information such as their email address and password. If you are allowed registration, they will spread their username and password on social media channels. Keep the users'users' safety in consideration while you create the program. They must trust your app to utilize it and suggest it to others. This is a feature that you may also use to sell your goods.

  • Feedback collection.

If you want your customers to refrain from going and ranting on a public platform about the issues of your app, provide them with a private space to do it. Within the application, you must provide a feedback form. Aside from that, you should perform surveys and advertising to learn what your users think about your app.

The most vital aspect is that you embrace their unfavorable remarks positively and seriously. You must thank them for their input and return with a solution.

  • Offline marketing

As the world has shifted toward digital consumption, many people have overlooked the need for offline marketing. But we strongly advise you not to be one of them.

Offline marketing can reach a more significant number of individuals than you think. You can use magazines and newspapers to get a bigger audience across the country. Alternatively, you can concentrate on billboards if your app is more localized.

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