What Is a Social Media Influencer?

  • Date: 24 / March / 2023
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What Is a Social Media Influencer?

Have you ever been influenced by an influencer? Do you get influenced by your favorite content creator to buy certain products and services? Influencers are individuals who have a great impact on another individual’s purchasing of a product. Not only certain products but the impression of a certain brand. It is noted that the percentage of people buying a product after they have heard it from an influencer has grown. You can contact our Social Media Marketing company in Kochi to get effective marketing techniques and strategies that can enhance your business.

What Is a Social Media Influencer?

A social media influencer is one of the influential and mainstream individuals in various networks who promote various brands with their products and services. They are also known for their influence on people and they work in an industry and collaborate with various brands and followers to enhance their product awareness. It is also an individual who has the ability to great impact on another individual’s purchase because of the authority with the target users. They can also influence through blogs giving insights on various topics and niches to share with the audience. The aim is to attract customers that are interested to try the product. The influencers go by the actual number of followers they can gain with their way of creating various posts that can make an impact on people. Your brand can enhance engagement across its followers and strengthen it by collaborating with multiple influencers. You can check our Social Media Marketing in Kerala to get the experts to do the work of enhancing your online presence. 

Types of Social Media Influencers

You can separate various influencers in many ways. One of the main common methods is by using the number of followers, content type, and level of influence. They can also be grouped by the niche they are operating. This also means that some influencers can appear in the low category and can be influential when looked at in another way. The following are various types of influencers according to various aspects.

Based on the Number of Followers

Mega Influencers: Those are the people with a huge number of social media followers. Many mega influencers are basically celebrities who are known worldwide like famous musicians, movie stars, sportspeople, and even reality television stars. Only influential brands would approach mega influencers and most of them have agents working to make deals on marketing.    

Macro Influencers: These are the people one step down from the mega influencers and can be accessed as influencer marketers. They range from 100,000 to 1 million followers on social media. They are either b-grade celebrities or online experts who have created more significant followings than certain micro-influencers.   

Micro-Influencers: These are typically everyday people who have been followed for their knowledge about certain niches. It is not just a way they influence but the relation and the interaction they maintain to cherish their followers. They can range from 1,000 and 50,000 followers on social media platforms.     

Nano-Influencers: The newest type of influencers to gain attention are included as nano-influencers. They might have a small number of followers but they tend to be specialized in a certain field. Their followers are keen and interested to hear their opinion.  

Based on the Content They Produce

Bloggers: they have the most active connection with their followers. As blogging has become a part of influencer marketing, there are many influential blogs present on the internet. If a popular blogger writes about your product positively, there are chances to get their followers to follow and try out your service and products.    

YouTubers: creative content as a video is gaining popularity and YouTube is famous for bringing up talented creators. Rather than each video creator having their own site, most of them create a channel on YouTube. 

Based on the Level of Influence

Celebrities: They were original influencers and influencer marketing has outgrew celebrities. Many businesses usually seek celebrities to promote their product in earlier days. There are still many companies that use the power of influence from influencers. There are many traditional celebrities to participate in influencer campaigns which are not that cheap. Celebrities influence people in using certain products and promote the product on how good it is. Think about a musician promoting an instrument, the followers and fans that follow them are likely to purchase that certain product.    

Opinion Leaders: Thought experts and industry leaders like journalists, academics, and professional advisors are also considered influencers and have an influence on brands. They are known for their position, qualification, experience, and influence on the public. Think of a journalist working for a major company who might not be an expert on what he writes but is respected for being good enough to get a job in such a great publication.   

How to Collaborate With Influencers?

Ways in which you can work with an influencer in mentioned in the following. 

Sponsored Partnership

Partnering with various professionals who produce creative content in social media can help you develop certain content connecting your brand and post on their feed or blog. You can also recommend the type of content you want to be produced. It will be better to discuss your goals in collaborating with them.  

Guest Blogging

Through guest blogging, your products get mentioned in blogs or websites. When the readers go through the blog, they might be interested in trying it out. For that, you have to decide on a set of creators who has websites and blogs with followers than belong to your niche. Preparing an interesting article or blog can let their followers know about your brand if they accept guest blogs. It shouldn’t look promotional that you are insisting to try out your service.  
To reiterate, influencers play a great role in influencing an individual in purchasing certain products in this digital world. They can help you with reviews and promotions. Many businesses approach social media influencers to promote their products to the influencer’s followers. You can seek our Social Media Marketing agency in Kochi to enhance your brand awareness with impeccable strategies.

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