SEO Trends in 2021

  • Date: 05 / May / 2021
  • Post By: Admin
SEO Trends in 2021

Since the advent of the search engines, the algorithm to display the most relevant search result has
been evolving and will continue to do so. Most users search for something using keywords known to
them and unless your website comes in the first (or maximum second) Search Engine Result Page
(SERP), the chances of your website traffic increasing are slim to none. Here lies the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It basically means the process of
modifying your website to increase inbound traffic of your website. Only a handful of SEO services in
are armed with the knowledge on how to go about it. Here we will be discussing some of the
crucial points to remember in 2021.

  • Keyword Searches
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Voice Search
  • Features Snippets
  • Artificial Intelligenc
  • Image Optimization
  • Video Inclusion
  • Page Speed
  • Alt Text for Images
  • Original & interesting Content


  • Keyword Searches

As mentioned earlier, entering keywords into search engines is the first step to reach your
website. So, it is imperative that you think from the perspective of the consumers who
search these keywords. The search engine analytics are advanced enough to understand
that certain keywords or a string of keywords are not the only thing to be considered when
determining the rank of a website. Even secondary keywords or semantic search, which
convey the intent of the searcher are equally important.

  • Mobile Compatibility

The third quarter of 2020 registered 50.81% of global website traffic through mobile devices.
So, it is safe to assume that mobile friendliness is highly considered for SEO. Keeping the
website interface simple and robust which will appear attractive on a smaller screen is highly
recommended. Also adding an SSL certificate ensures the website to identify as safe(https).

  • Voice Search

Voice search is gaining popularity over typed words with the introduction of Siri, Alexa and
Google assistant. Users search for very specific words or content using this method.
Whether it is to play a song or know about the current movies running, voice search is
widely used by the younger generation. Voice search usually contributes to local SEO and
the rising zero click searches.

  • Featured Snippets

These are short and direct answers to queries that users search which appear at the top of a
search result. Detailed information on the topic is available when visiting the website which
is given at the bottom of the snippet. The google algorithm selects the snippets based on the
relevance and accuracy to the keyword searched. The content must be written as an answer
to possible questions that a user may ask.

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI is being imbibed into the SEO algorithm to quickly adapt to the user searches and
preferences. This ensures higher accuracy in search results and better user experience.
Completing numerous functions and analysing data points simultaneously becomes easier
with AI and hence those who adapt earlier stand to gain most out of it.

  •  Image Optimization

Adding high quality relevant images to your site really helps since it will better help in
capturing the interest of the visitor to your site. Besides visual search is gaining popularity in
google vision for the future of search.

  • Video Inclusion

The average time spent by a visitor on a website is taken into consideration while ranking
the site. Videos help retaining them longer. Besides, YouTube is the second most famous
search engine with more than a billion users. You will be more successful in conveying the
ideology of your services in the form of a video as opposed to lengthy written content.

  •  Page Speed

Well this is a no brainer. Fast and responsive websites are preferred over slow ones. The
bounce rate increases exponentially with each second of lag on the website. At SEO
companies in Kochi
, website loading and navigation speed is given high priority. Minimizing
http requests and combining files will contribute to higher speed.

  • Alt Text for Images

It’s used in an HTML code, and it describes the appearance and function of an image on a
page. These alt tags will be displayed in case the image file isn’t loaded so that users
understand the context. Such descriptions are also used by search engine crawlers for
indexing, and this helps in rankings.
These alt text descriptions are usually short and ideally with a keyword. This will help your
site’s organic search results.

  • Original & Interesting Content

As Google mentioned in their blog “Great page experience doesn’t override having great
page content.” No matter how fast and beautiful the website, unless the content is not
engaging, unique and meaningful, the website traffic will be hampered eventually. So it is
important that the content is regularly updated to keep up with the latest trends in the

Google has updated their algorithm with a factor called Page Experience. As the name
suggests, it measures the overall experience of a user when visiting your site. The main 3
parameters are given below

  •  Loading (Largest Contentful Paint) - Speed of loading of the main content
  •  Interactivity (First Input Delay)- The time taken by the website to process the interaction once the user has clicked on a hyperlink.
  • Visual Stability (Cumulative Layout Shift) – The measure of unexpected movements of the page content

SEO is an ongoing and iterative process and usually takes time to align all parameters
according to known trends. Intersmart Solutions SEO company in Kochi keeps a note of
the latest trends and ensures higher visibility and greater website traffic to increase your
revenue from the website. So hiring an experienced company saves you the trouble of going
deep into the intricate algorithm of SEO.

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