Essential tips to leverage your technical SEO and skyrocket rankings

  • Date: 06 / November / 2020
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Essential tips to leverage your technical SEO and skyrocket rankings

Do you have a website that is up and running, but is not generating many leads? Well this could be down to factors such as poor google rankings and overlooked aspects of technical SEO. Today, all businesses, irrespective of their size, aggressively promote their assets on online. All of this can be improved by paying close attention to technical features of SEO. If you can give the right type of attention to the technical facets of a website, your website will rank well. Whether you’re planning to drive traffic to your website or promoting your materials to people online, a lot of what you do boils down to some technicalities.

Make your site mobile friendly

In order for your website to stand any chance of ranking in google results pages, you want it to be mobile optimized at all times. Google has declared a series of changes in its algorithm set up to prioritize mobile friendly websites. Last few years also saw many websites being penalized for not playing by google’s card. It’s equally important to keep the loading time of your website fast.
Make sure all the design and technical elements are in perfect harmony and make for good user experience.

Keep these things in mind while optimize:

  • Run mobile friendly test for your website

  • Check key performance metrics

  • Use different tools to test mobile friendliness

  • Monitor content performance in GA analytics


Increase the speed of your website

In addition to building a mobile friendly platform, you must also ensure your website is loading without any delay. Even the slightest of delay could put users off, and lead them to the websites of your competitors. A speedy site will give users the incentive to navigate your site further. If your site takes over a minute or two to load, then the users won’t stay put on your site. Users are always in look out for quick and easy to obtain information. They want it in readily and instantly accessible format. Plus, if your site is fast for users and search bots, then there is increased possibility of ranking better.

  • Ensure properly optimized website images

  • Enable caching of browser

  • Make good use of compression

  • Cut down on response time of server

  • For better performance content delivery system


Running critical technical SEO audit

Google has frequent mood swing as it tampers with its algorithm every now and then. However, you cannot use it as an excuse for treating your website with negligence. There is a constant need for websites to comply with the latest quality guidelines ruled out by google. As a webmaster you’re under constant pressure to make sure your website is in perfect shape for google’s quality check. It is recommended that you perform technical SEO audit on your website at least once every week. Turn this practice into a regular activity and your website will benefit from improved rankings on search engine results page. Use popular online tools to test your site performance against that of your competitor.

Fixing all your broken links and onpage issues

The broken links on your site are likely to give an unpleasant experience to visitors. If yours is a website which ranks fairly well despite all its 404 issues and technical glitches, you should make a move at once before you suffer the wrath of google. 404 errors mean that your web pages are trying to link to pages that are extinct. The practice of linking to pages that no longer exist, will not sit well with the visitors or google. Since google disapproves of broken links, and refuses to crawl them, it may affect your chances of ranking high. If it is a link that you cannot get rid of, then you need to at least make sure that they redirected to live pages.

Do away with duplicate content on your site

If your website carries the same content on different pages, the search engine will be confused as to which page to rank. As a result your page rankings may easily take a hit. It could also lead to drop in traffic volume to your targeted web pages. It’s absolutely vital to get rid of any type of duplicate content on your website. You can use the right tools to remove duplicate content from pages. For search bots, every page needs to have content that expresses a unique message. The best way to circumvent the duplication issue is to deploy canonicalization tag to the pages that you want to be crawled by search bots. The rel= canonical tag will notify search engine about the page you would like to rank in SERP.

Disavow all poor quality backlinks

Backlinks and internal linking continue to contributory factor to your google ranking. What most webmasters fail to understand is that google prefers the quality of the backlinks over their volume. Most people continue to build poor quality backlinks in excess, only to be penalized by google later on. By prioritizing the quantity over quality, they run the risk of building a backlink portfolio that is replete with irrelevant backlinks. Some of these links tend to so poor that your website will be immediately blacklisted by google. Monitor the quality of your backlinks on InterSmart Solution is cochin based web development company that offers highly effective SEO services in Kerala. google+

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