How Do You Clean Up Content Without Affecting Rankings

  • Date: 25 / April / 2023
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How Do You Clean Up Content Without Affecting Rankings

Your business and services may upgrade over the years. It is essential to keep up with the services on your website since it is the foremost thing a user notices while approaching you. Deciding on what content to be kept and what to modify while removing some should be well-considered, as content is an integral part of a website and your business to boost conversions, engagement, and traffic. How Do You Clean Up Content Without Affecting Rankings? It is also important to change and modify content without disturbing the actual ranking of your website and also by maintaining the ranking. Contact our SEO Services in Kochi to enhance your digital presence through effective techniques. 

Focus On Auditing Content

The first thing you can do to clean up your content is to conduct a content audit that includes analyzing content on the website and evaluating the quality, performance, and relevance of the content that is already on the website. You can make use of certain metrics like bounce rate, engagement rate, and traffic to know the pages that perform exponentially and bring great outcomes. Once you have noted the pages that don’t perform much or don’t provide many results, you can modify or change the content of the pages to upgrade their importance and bring it on track. Some pages on your website that have the potential but don’t drive effective traffic or conversions, need to be prioritized. So that when a user searches intent would be added benefits for your business. On a simple note, make sure you know which pages are providing outcome and which pages are standing still that doesn’t attract any new users. You know your business and it completely goes in your control which pages should be prioritized.     

Differentiate on Content

It is essential to know whether the content on a page is worth it or not. Some can be evergreen and some content can be time-sensitive. You can do slight modifications on evergreen content but you have to take down time-sensitive content as they won’t stay relevant as time advances. For instance, there is an attractive festival sale happening on your website and it has brought new users and conversions to your sight. But that content should be changed when the festival is over as the content would become irrelevant. After differentiating the content you can take actions that would enhance each page. You can update the pages that are not performing well but is relevant. You can update the information on the content that has the potential to improve the performance. It is better to either remove the pages or the content altogether if it is no longer relevant. Remember that you should implement 301 redirects to certain pages to ensure backlinks that point to the old page are not lost when you remove content.      

Monitor Your Rankings

You have to monitor search engine rankings after you remove irrelevant content from the website to make sure that the changes don’t impact the SEO negatively. It doesn’t mean just focusing on the rankings as optimization of content can greatly affect and can make a huge impact on traffic, navigation, conversions, and other aspects that can enhance overall efforts on search engine optimization. You have to watch Google Analytics very keenly to understand if the traffic declines which will aid in re-evaluating content at times. It will take some time to stabilize your rankings after cleaning up the content. So you can just wait around patiently and monitor the performance of the website in the long run.    

Some businesses still keep old pages that they longer need or are not relevant any more. It is essential to know that you have to remove certain pages that you no longer need. Decluttering your website and removing some content definitely adds to the updation of your site which maintains its quality. Hold on, don’t just remove any content, it is vital to remove content without affecting the SEO old pages may contain. You might have got insights on how you can maintain standards in keeping certain content and clearing some.  

To conclude, It is vital to maintain the quality of a website. Cleaning up a website is a time-consuming and challenging task, but it is not that difficult if you know what changes you should bring without affecting the rankings. Conducting an effective audit on content, focusing on detailed content, and finding the content that needs to be updated, kept, or removed concludes the efficiency of cleaning up your website without negatively impacting the rankings. Monitor the rankings and adjust accordingly to enhance the traffic and conversions on a website. You can contact our SEO Company in Kochi to get effective techniques and methods to boost your business using creative and innovative content.

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