Why Ecommerce project should always earmark a budget for SEO

  • Date: 08 / November / 2020
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Why Ecommerce project should always earmark a budget for SEO

Any Ecommerce strategy, irrespective of its size, that intentionally ignores SEO is making a grave mistake. The aggressive paid promotion activities that take place online, has prompted people to pay more attention to organic SEO than before. Everywhere you hear stories about webmasters receiving harsh wake up calls after their failure pay enough to SEO aspects of promotion. Now, if you realize that all your investment in SEO for Ecommerce website will yield you in the long run significantly more value than other paid means of promotion, you will choose the organic plan in a heartbeat. If you and your business could jump clear off all hurdles to get where you are now, you can do some research on your own to entrust your business to capable hands. Here are five reasons why SEO is of utmost importance for your Ecommerce website.

Thinking of SEO as an investment of sorts

It is no longer secret to web owners that SEO gives you gives you the largest return of investment. While investing in paid promotion has its advantages, there is no match for SEO in the long run. That is one of the main reasons why you should stop thinking about it in terms of an expenditure. Find the right SEO agency, invest the desired money and then wait for you ranks to skyrocket. Once your eCommerce website has started to rank, you will experience a steady traffic to the website. Once your brand receives a period of Search Engine Results Page exposure, it will gradually develop its own unique visibility. It is unwise to solely rely on paid ads for brand promotion.

Cost Effective slow and steady promotion

Running paid ads involves spending quite a lot of money on ad creation and monitoring. When you think about it, SEO is capable of producing results twice as good at half the price. Even if it does not yield the same results as a full fledged paid campaign, your investment in SEO will soon pay dividends. Of course, if you are trying to make yourself heard in a highly competitive industry, you may have to go all out. But with a bit of patience and foresight, SEO will get your business ahead of your rivals. Traffic to your website is completely organic and hence absolutely free. It opens up new possibilities to experiment with your marketing strategies. For instance, once a set of keywords has received steady visibility, you can start working on lesser known ones.

Ecommerce businesses need to be found by customers

If your business lies on the lesser seen 5th and 10th pages of google results, your desired users may never even find your website on internet. SEO does not come with one size fits all solution to enhance your visibility. Check the effectiveness of SEO activities by examining user behavior and source of acquisition on your website. You can use different analytic tool to find sources that led to sales and conversion on the website. This will help you learn about the sales that resulted from SEO. Most people don’t realize the importance of SEO until they can see some tangible results. A cursory research into the organic to paid sales ratio will reveal surprising figures for eCommerce business owners. Google continues to be first choice of purchase for nearly 90% shoppers.

Local SEO keeps you in the game

If you have an eCommerce business that relies greatly on local sales, you must perform local-specific SEO to make you rank well on local search results. It’s true that every eCommerce company today wants to aim high. But you should be able to do it without losing sight of the low-hanging local fruits. A large number of companies miss out on local SEO and end up losing their competitive edge to competitors. There are many eCommerce enterprises that is happy with their local specific market. Most of them have developed an online relationship with the local client base. If at all there is a way to draw their attention and gain credibility, it is through long-term SEO. The prospect of seeing your eCommerce platform ranked above or among the competitors for a long period of time will help you earn the trust of clients.

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