Future Web Designing Trends

  • Date: 03 / December / 2020
  • Post By: Admin
Future Web Designing Trends

Let’s discuss the future web designing trends or upcoming trends in web designing. After research, we have sorted six factors that are gonna implement in web designing shortly. They are:

  • Page Speed & Load Time
  • Personalized Content
  • AI Chat Bots
  • Voice Interactive Interface
  • Thumb Friendly Navigation
  • Interactive 3D Elements

Page Speed & Load Time

One of the most powerful web design norms is Super-fast load time. Quick loading times have been prime factors in UX and SEO for years, and it remains a top priority for websites that want to rank well and get conversions.

Studies say that more than half of internet browsers demand a website to load fast and no more than two seconds after clicking a link. If it takes more seconds to load your site, your visitors/customers most likely will bounce out. Website performance has a direct influence on a business.

Personalized Content 

Perhaps you have visited a website and then come back to it a few hours or days later to see that the content has changed. When you re-visit on your phone for the first time or on another browser, you see the original content you saw the first time you visited the website.

Custom created content for users returning to your website for a second or third time can increase the chance of a conversion.

You experience this every time you use Google as a search engine. People looking for a nearby restaurant will see different results than users in other towns.

An example is when you visit the eCommerce website for the first time, and you logged in and mark your browser as “trusted.” When you come back, the website will know you are a customer. So, they will push their offerings according to your customer status.

Personalized content is probably more important for e-commerce website owners. Displaying recently viewed, wishlist or added to Cart products for online shoppers can lead to higher conversions. Highlighting abandoned cart contents for returning customers is also crucial to maintaining a higher conversion rate.

Without recognizing it, personalized website content has become more demanded by users; and it will be an even more powerful focus for a prosperous web appearance.

AI Chat Bots

Chatbots are another feature that has been popular for a few years and will continue to be relevant in 2021. As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to get more involved, we expect to see chatbots become the norm for simple customer service requests and “personal shopping.”

For example, if a customer visits your website, looking for shoes and the chatbot knows they have an available offer for shoes. The chatbot can let them know about the offers. This can lead to a positive experience for the customer, and chances for conversions are higher.

Voice-Activated Interface

The way we obtain information is evolving – instead of typing into Google, we now ask queries or make a demand. This means web design is changing to keep up with the predominance of voice chatbots and virtual assistants. While a voice-activated interface isn’t standard for most websites, this emerging trend isn’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

We can expect to see more websites adopting voice search as an option to traditional text search.

Thumb Friendly Mobile Navigation

Responsive design isn’t an option anymore. Your site should work well and be easy to use on mobile devices. But in 2021, web design will continue to be focused on creating websites that are thumb-friendly. Tap-Target should be well arranged, and every Clickable element should be accessible through your thumb finger.

 Interactive 3D Elements

Interactive 3d Elements are going to rule web designing in the coming years. 3d Elements are getting more attention to websites than other content. An Information picturized via 3D gets more attention than a video or an image.


These are some of the Future Web Designing Trends that going to rule the web designing industry in upcoming years.

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