Get to know the latest mobile app development trends

  • Date: 27 / January / 2023
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Get to know the latest mobile app development trends

Tell me how many apps do you have on your smartphone? Have you ever noticed? Every day, a new feature is added. Every minute, firms get larger customer bases and numerous expectations from an endless stream of users. All of this is a reflection of the industry's fast pace of evolution in mobile app development.

According to the reports, Google Play and the Apple App Store have a combined total of 6.63 million apps. How will you make sure that your app is noticed? The truth is that you can't unless you keep up with the latest mobile app development trends and understand how to use them to create powerful, feature-rich apps. Mobile app development in Kerala is transforming at a fast and rapid pace. 

Rise of 5G

Technology companies have begun to fully function with 5G services, with 5G-enabled gadgets already on the market. The Fifth-Generation Wireless Cellular Network (5G) is the most recent radio technology that seeks to improve mobile connectivity and the whole smartphone experience.

By next year, it is estimated that 660 million smartphones will have 5G connectivity, accounting for around 47.5% of all handsets.

  • High-speed performance
  • Reduced latency that lets data be delivered in milliseconds o
  • New possibilities for more realistic and complicated AR/VR apps.
  • streaming quality 4K-8K and 360 films.
  • Secure mobile payment.

Super apps

Super applications are a convenient approach for people to address their problems in one digital location that is constantly accessible. People find it much more convenient to execute many actions in one app rather than multiple apps. So, it's natural that the demand for super applications continues to climb.

Super Apps are quite popular in Asia. However, the trend is catching up in the West as well. Natural AI, developed by the California-based company Brain Technologies Inc., is one intriguing example in the US market. It aims to transform the way people engage with their phones by allowing them to accomplish various tasks with a single app.

AR/VR technology

Augmented and virtual reality have proven to be some of the most effective developments, creating new potential for organizations in a variety of industries. This year's mobile app development trends include AR and VR development.

AR and VR have numerous advantages for enterprises, including

Improving the efficiency and comfort of the customer experience

Higher sales as a result of this technology allow consumers to virtually try various things, encouraging individuals to buy more frequently better communication and teamwork by providing a shared environment 

Detailed analytics are being used to better understand consumer behavior to advertise the company's products more effectively.

eCommerce growth

The best mobile development company in Kerala explains how the eCommerce sector generates $3.56 trillion in sales, with mobile accounting for 72.9% of these transactions. Post-COVID pandemic lifestyle was changed noticeably with us more relying on e-commerce websites. Everyone, from huge shops to small enterprises and individual consumers, has begun to rely on smartphone apps.

However, It disadvantages E-commerce enterprises that do not adapt. They lose clients and pass up opportunities to convert customers.

Mobile app security

Because the number of cyber attacks is increasing year after year, cybersecurity is a top issue. Fortunately, there are several approaches to ensuring the highest level of app security. Here are a few examples:

  •  Data encryption to secure sensitive data
  • Reliable data backup to avoid information loss.
  • Two-factor authentication via fingerprint, and face recognition. 
  • Even a single security issue can ruin your reputation so take reliable productive measures.


The mobile learning market has skyrocketed in popularity due to its benefits and successes,  Mobile applications enable businesses to stay in touch with their customers, obtain information rapidly, and communicate with them more swiftly. According to the top mobile development in Kochi, It is one of the promising trends that haven’t shown any chances of slowing down.

Voice Technology 

Voice technology has taken the world by storm, emerging as one of the mobile development trends of 2023. Banking and finance companies are already incorporating voice technologies into their smartphone apps. People can now send money using mobile personal voice assistants.

Right now, voice technology provides outstanding benefits and shows tremendous promise for mobile apps.

Why mobile app development is important?

Because of its benefits and successes, mobile app development has grown in popularity. Mobile applications enable businesses to stay in touch with their customers, obtain information rapidly, and communicate with them more swiftly.

To summarise, in the mobile app development market, 2023 will be another exciting year for new technology advancements. Do you want to empower your company with a cutting-edge mobile app solution? Or do you wish to incorporate upcoming technology into your current mobile app solution?. Contact Intersmart Solutions, the finest mobile app development company in Kochi for all of your mobile development needs.

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