Twitter announces six-second viewable video ad bids

  • Date: 04 / November / 2020
  • Post By: Admin
Twitter announces six-second viewable video ad bids

Good News for brands looking to run video ads on Twitter, you will be charged only if your video is viewed for at least six seconds. It’s applicable for promotional videos, sponsored video ads, in-stream videos, etc. According to the reports, the popular computer brand “Dell” was the first of a few companies who enjoyed the advantage of a six-second viewable video. They witnessed an increase of 22% of view rate.

Without any doubt, people prefer to watch videos rather than reading articles. This trend of high mobile video consumption is going to increase day by day. A lot of companies are investing in creating video ads targeting social media users.  Six-second viewable video ad by twitter will certainly be a relief for such companies because now they do not have to pay if the user skips the video in 6 seconds. It will cut down the campaign cost and allow brands to reach more users at the same cost.

Since twitter has taken the initiative and the advertisers have already come out with positive testimonials, maybe, we can expect other social medias coming out with something like this to impress their advertisers.

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