5 Chrome Extensions To Increase Your Productivity

  • Date: 27 / February / 2023
  • Post By: Admin

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers among the masses all thanks to its numerous helpful features. Besides, Chrome also offers a wide array of extensions such as AI tools, language translators, tons of add-ons and more to make our lives easier.

Are you someone who spent time on web browsers than desktop apps.? Then this blog is for you. The same portal that provides fast access to a world of research, expert opinions, Google Documents, and email also gives you constant temptations on Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and, well email too. 

However, the right chrome extension can make you take advantage of its full benefits, curbing unnecessary matters including distracting parts. Along with saving time and effort, you can improve your overall browsing experience with the right chrome extensions.

There are hundreds and thousands of extensions out there ranging from silly to supremely useful ones. We’ve pulled together a list of some of the Chrome extensions that can be used by anyone to stay on the productive side of the web. Let’s check out the top  5 chrome extensions suggested by Intersmart Solutions, one of the top digital marketing companies in Kochi.

What are chrome extensions?

Extensions are little software packages that allow you to personalize your browsing experience. They allow users to customize Chrome functionality and behavior to meet their own needs or tastes. They're made with web technologies including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

An extension must serve a single purpose that is well-stated and understandable. A single extension can incorporate a variety of components and capabilities.

Chrome Extensions to boost productivity

  • Scribe 

It doesn’t matter if you work in digital marketing, education, sales, or anything else. The key is to work smarter. It is one of the most useful chrome extensions to boost your

productivity. A very cool documentation and screenshot tool, Scribe monitors clicks and keystrokes to instantly create the guide.

Scribe is designed for trainers and managers who spend a lot of time writing up documentation or taking precise screenshots to train new workers. You no longer need to waste another second doing it manually.

People can answer questions; build SOPs (standard operating procedures); and train the stakeholders. You could also create step-by-step guides, work instructions, product assembly, training manuals, and much more with a scribe. Also, with the tool, you can easily embed the instructions in any knowledge base or CMS (Content Management System). 


  1. Auto-correction feature

  2. Auto-complete feature

  3. Edit and improve your guides


  • Blocksite 

Time management is an issue for many people and a lot of time management issues are the results of procrastination and distraction. When you're working on your own time, through freelancing or contract employment, it's easy to let your mind and fingers wander to other websites or apps that distract you. From Instagram notifications to random popups, there are tons of distractions all around you. 

Blocksite, a chrome extension will let you block websites and apps on your device, letting you work in peace. Also, BlockSite makes things simple by allowing you to schedule the blocking, so you'll only be unable to access those sites and apps during the times you specify.

You can also enable site redirection for all blacklisted websites. BlockSite's Scheduling and Work Mode features also help to take planned breaks.



  1. Allows custom redirection, which means you can redirect a single blocked hostname to a new destination. 

  2. Time and date-based blocking and the feature can be configured per hostname. 

  3.  Protect data leakage.  It prevents gathering network activity from your computer.

  • Todoist 

According to the SEO services in Kochi, Todist is unarguably one of the best chrome extensions for organizing projects. The extension converts any link into a Todoist task. You just came across a blog you'd like to read? You may easily save it in Todoist and return to it later. Wait, do you have an email draft in Google Docs? You can mark the document as a task and come back to it when you're ready to finish it.

The possibilities for using the Todoist for Chrome addon are limitless. It also allows you to capture tasks very quickly.


  1. Reminders for due dates and deadlines

  2. Priority labels for priority tasks.

  3. Customized productivity tracking

  4. Integrations with, drive, slack, ever bot, and dropbox.


  • Grammarly 

Nothing turns off a potential client more than a poorly written email or proposal with tons of errors. As a result, tone, style, spelling, and grammar are some of the most important characteristics you should include in your email for proper communication. So, an extension like Grammarly is your best shot.

Grammarly for Chrome add-ons assist you in eliminating writing problems while discovering the best expressions to persuade your clients. With this add-on, you'll always send emails that are clear, succinct, and error-free, expressing your intentions to the point.

Even if your writing is technically and grammatically perfect but still sounds confusing, Grammarly will point it out so that your writing is the best of the best when it's time to send or submit.

Also keep it in mind that if you use Grammarly for windows and mac, the browser extension will be turned off by default,  but will remain active in google docs. You can also pin your Grammarly to your toolbar for easier access. 


  1.  Grammar suggestions

  2.  Tone-detector

  3. Guided editing feature

  4. Weekly feedback.


  • Clockify 

Clockify is an all-in-one calendar and time/hour tracker that is quite ideal for any professional, but this tool especially comes in handy for freelancers. Clockify will let you generate projects, task tracking, time sheets, schedules, and reports of your activity. It will also allow you to analyze and go through your day, week, and monthly habits.


  1. Reminders

  2. Integrated with 50+apps

  3. Automatic start/stop timer

In conclusion, these are some of the best chrome extensions that help you with your productivity. As we mentioned earlier, the extensions are available for the ‘area of distraction’ you might be interested in covering. Also, they're readily available to install on the Google Chrome store.

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