Major Digital Marketing myths you never get tired of debunking

  • Date: 07 / November / 2020
  • Post By: Admin
Major Digital Marketing myths you never get tired of debunking

With the plethora of articles about Digital Marketing afloat, it becomes increasingly hard for marketers to make sense of what is good for their business. Everybody today wishes they could at least carve out some semblance of truth from all the confusion. What should a marketer believe or take at face value in this age of misinformation? Well, for beginners one needs to be aware of all such misconceptions in order to distinguish between what is good and bad for your business. As always the best way to clear your doubts is to consult a reputable Digital Marketing Company in India.

Myth 1) You need multiple marketing tools to thrive

You may have heard about hundreds of marketing tools used by digital marketers around the world. Many of us are quick to link success with the use of these marketing tools. However if you want to do real digital marketing, you must pay more attention to the aspects of traditional digital marketing. Most people get so lost using these tools that they forget about formulating digital strategy. It is good to go out for a long journey, but it will be a terrible idea if you do not have a clear plan. Alright, in order to get the best of out of the tools, you need to develop a proper strategy, understand the dynamics of the market and use them to your advantage.

Myth 2) Word of mouth means no need for digital marketing

Word of mouth marketing has worked big magic for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But if you can capitalize on various digital marketing possibilities then you can basically multiply results for your business. While word of mouth gets people talking about your brand, digital marketing can drive the right traffic to your website while generating perfect leads. When you have word of mouth to get people talking, and digital marketing to spread brand awareness, your business finds the perfect balance. It may work out well for your business to publish video clips of people praising your brand on Social media. These video clips can go a long way in promoting your brand across the social media channels.

Myth 3) Backlinks alone are going to help you rank better

Backlinks used to be an integral part of SEO. A discerningly built backlink profile continues to do wonders for website. However, because businesses capitalized on indiscriminate link building and benefited from gaining in-bound links in high volume, google has taken measures to crack down on the trend. Even now we continue to have the practice of buying links. The algorithm updates from google are aimed at preventing the abuses in the form of link building. Google is on mission do away with everything that prevent a users from receiving relevant results. They take drastic steps to penalize and down rank websites that rely on these outdated practices. If not careful, you can even have your website deindexed in its entirety.

In today’s digital environment, Google actually penalizes sites that carry out these tactics, potentially even removing them from its index entirely.

Myth 4) Blogging is simply a habitual thing bored people do

Many marketers fail to see the importance of blog as a marketing vehicle capable of effectively promoting your business. Blogged is still used by people to engage audience and generate good quality leads. Blogging should be viewed and understood as a part of broader content marketing strategy. This is why experienced Digital Marketers place quality content at the heart of their marketing strategy. For the last time, Blogging is not hobby thing people engage in for fun. Marketers are advised to invest their time and energy into developing content that is relevant and unique for businesses. You must first lay out a systematic plan and go about executing it as effectively as possible. Develop a concrete content strategy that is both consistent and quantifiable, then just sit back and watch it turn into success.

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