Pros & Cons of Custom web designing and Templates

  • Date: 24 / May / 2021
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Regardless of what type of business you have, having an online presence is of paramount importance in today’s world. Also, in order to have your own stand in the already congested web environment, it is imperative that your website is SEO friendly and has a good google ranking. But which option will you choose when it comes to the type of website development to consider? Choosing between a custom web-designed website and a template-driven website can be confusing since both have their own merits and demerits.

What is the difference between the two?

Custom-made websites are developed from scratch according to the specific requirements of the client. Each page and elements placed in the page are programmed and functionalities are defined according to the requirements. It is therefore time-consuming and may take few months to develop depending on the complexity. Also, a web designing company is usually hired to develop a custom-made website, because of which it will be relatively expensive.

Template-driven development on the other hand refers to websites that are developed using a platform that is already designed and ready to use. The layout and functions are predefined and you need to only populate the same with your data like images, titles, and content descriptions. It is relatively easier to develop a website in this manner since the coding part is already done for you. So in most cases, a website can be developed without the need for being tech-savvy in as little time as a day, earlier if you are not new at this. As far as the cost is concerned, there are free open source content management systems like WordPress which can help you build the most basic of websites for free, with premium features unlocked at annual subscription fees as low as $36. Even google sites offer free template driven website development.

Custom made website Pros

  • The most significant benefit would be the number of customization options available since it is developed purely based on the client’s requirements. You can create a unique website that defines your business and allows you to establish your brand more successfully.
  • They tend to be more SEO friendly which ensures that your website gets adequate visibility in search engine result pages(SERP)
  • It is scalable with the growth of your business and can accommodate more functionalities in the future.
  • Stringent security measures can easily be instilled to prevent malicious software from ruining the website.
  • Your website can remain updated and trendy to attract visitors of all age groups since a good web designing company  in kochi remains up to date with the latest technology.
  • And finally, the peace of mind you deserve. Since you are paying for the privilege of a web designing company, you can approach them to add new features when required.

Custom made website Cons

  • As mentioned earlier, the website is built from scratch. So it is time-consuming and an immediate launch may not be possible.
  • Even if you are a developer, launching an effective custom website will require the team effort of programmers, photoshop designers, testing engineers, and digital marketing experts. Hence the cost will be on a higher side regardless of hiring a web designing company or not.

Template Made Website Pros

  • Pocket-friendly is a word that perfectly describes template-driven websites. Even while opting for premium features, the overall cost will be negligible.
  • Requires very little knowledge about websites to develop and maintain one. User-friendly plugins make it effortless to update the content and images whenever needed
  • Can be launched very quickly once the domain is purchased and you can start your online business immediately.
  • Thousands of predefined templates give you plenty of options to beautify your website.

Template Made Website Cons

  • The template selected cannot be modified to add unique or advanced functions.
  • Security is not the best trait they have to offer since many of the plugins available are provided by third parties and hackers target plugins to reach a large number of users at once.
  • Users may not take your website too seriously due to the bland and generic nature of the templates
  • The onus of updating the website will lie mainly on you or your technical staff(if any).
  • SEO may not be ideal unless you invest time and effort to boost the same regularly.

Overall both types of websites attract different categories of business people. Custom websites are preferred mainly by established companies who have the time and money to invest for long-term brand recognition. Templates on the other hand are preferred by start-up companies who target local businesses more.

Intersmart Solutions is an established web designing company in Kochi, who understands the fine line and can assist you with either option you choose. We can suggest ideal solutions pertaining to your ultimate goals.

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