How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

  • Date: 27 / July / 2023
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How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

Mobile applications have become an important part of our lives by now. It has transformed our lifestyle by the way we entertain ourselves, communicate with others and work. Have you ever wondered how long it takes to develop a mobile app? It is actually a multifaceted question. The mobile app development process includes many steps and the time taken for those varies with the variation in the processes like planning, understanding the requirements of the clients, designing, and developing the entire app. In the blog ‘How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?’, let us explore the stages of mobile app development and the developmental timeline of it from the experts at Inter Smart, the specialists in mobile app development in Kochi.

The Timeline for Developing a Mobile App

The time taken to develop a mobile app varies with the size and type of the app. On average, the development of a simple app takes around 2-4 months, an average app development might need 4-6 months and the development of a complex app may need more than 8 months.

App Development Stages and Timeline

The stages of development of mobile apps can be categorised into three. They are:

  • Planning stage

  • Design stage

  • Development stage

Planning Stage

The planning stage of the mobile app development is the foundation stage of the project. It includes knowing the requirements and specifications of the client like project goal and success metrics, request for proposal, a non-disclosure agreement, estimating date of delivery, calculating budget range, and defining tech stack. In this planning stage, the developers identify the challenges, estimate the resource requirements, and set the exact timelines for each stage of the project. Dedicating time and effort in this planning stage gives a clear and well-defined outline for the project of app development, developers can make sure of the success of the app too. 

The Designing Stage

The designing stage of mobile app development is a crucial phase in which the requirements and concepts of the clients blend with the ideas of the developer to transform them into a visual presentation.  This period includes many processes such as building high-fidelity wireframes that provide creators with a clear idea about the entire design and depth of user-friendliness, and creating a UI kit which helps to reduce the time for generic elements. In this phase, designers work together with developers and clients to understand the interests and preferences of the targeted audience, industry standards, and brand requirements. The major focus of designers is on the app’s navigation flow, inbuilt interactions, colour schemes, and usability testing. Spending time on all the steps of the designing stage makes you achieve an app with seamless navigation and a better user experience by reviewing the design and making necessary adjustments. Developers ensure that apart from creating visually appealing designs, it should be user-friendly and provide seamless integration.

The Development Stage

In mobile app development, the third stage, the development stage is the longest one where the designs and app features get life. Skilled developers at our mobile app development company in Kochi are equipped with updated languages and functionalities. They, fitted with the programming languages, begin coding the app by incorporating APIs and executing the back-end systems. There are three main phases for the development stage such as backend development which includes components such as the matter of data storage, user management, backend logic, versioning, and integration of data, frontend development which comprises frontend logic, synchronization, wireframing, caching, and development and design of UI and finally, testing. Testing is a work of about 5-6 weeks, where all the vulnerabilities and bugs of the app are recognized. Designers, developers and clients work with a mutual understanding to make sure that the app is built with the preferred design and content that can meet the desired functionality and audience. The development stage needs more frequent communications and the latest methodologies to create a more efficient app. By dedicating time and effort to this phase, developers can turn the clients’ ideas into functional and impressive mobile applications.

Factors Affecting the Time of Mobile App Development

The time taken for the development of a mobile application varies in accordance with several factors that impact the overall timeline of the project such as complex ideas, more requirements, late response, and security concerns, etc. Making sure of the compatibility of the app on both iOS and Android devices also affects the timeline for mobile app development. The availability of the resources both digital and physical has a vital role in estimating the time taken. The time taken for the stages of the mobile app development such as planning, designing and development along with a number of substages determines the total time period of it. The proper communication and sufficient resources provided on time help you to get the app at the right time. The experts in mobile app development in Kerala at Inter Smart having a huge list of happy and satisfied customers are here to help you in app development for your business. 

To conclude, the answer to the question ‘How long does it take to develop a mobile app?’ is quite complicated as it depends on many factors. From the planning of the project to the testing of the app, it takes a lot of steps and phases to complete. If there is a delay in any of the stages or substages, the whole project gets delayed which affects the estimated date too. Also, there are numerous factors that affect mobile app development apart from the delay in its stages. By optimising and managing these factors with an efficient development team, you can get the mobile app of your requirement. Designers and app developers at Inter Smart, the top-rated company in mobile app development in Kochi, with a record of numerous satisfied customers in designing and development of mobile apps and websites are here to help you in developing the best app for your business in an estimated period of time and make your brand known globally.

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