Top 5 SEO KPIs for Your Business to Track

  • Date: 23 / March / 2022
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Top 5 SEO KPIs for Your Business to Track

KPI or Key Performance Indicators are important as it strengthens employee morale. It supports and influences business objectives and fosters personal growth. They are critical for business objectives as they keep them at the forefront of decision-making. 

KPI enables us to understand the performance of the business. To achieve strategic goals, critical adjustments can be made. It is vital to know and measure the right KPIs to achieve results faster. It is a measurable metric that helps to demonstrate the performance of a company against its business objectives. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) KPIs are used by the marketing teams to analyze the performance of the website. For any marketing team, SEO is the core purpose. 

For marketing teams to understand search marketing performance, it is important to track and measure SEO metrics monthly. This is done to understand and determine performing pages, or converting keywords. It also helps to recognize the areas of websites that are needed for optimization. 

The following are the Top 5 SEO KPIs for your business to track: 

  1. ROI

  2. Keyword Rankings

  3. Conversions

  4. Organic Traffic

  5. Bounce Rates


Return on Investment or ROI is an indicator that can be used for all your marketing campaigns. It helps to determine whether the money you spend for optimizing the website is worth the net income or not. 

It is the ratio between net income and costs resulting from an investment. It is normally expressed as a percentage, although it is a ratio. It is a standardized and universal measure of profitability. 

ROI measures the efficiency of an investment or the amount of return on a particular investment. ROI is calculated by dividing gain from investment by the cost of investment. The ratio correlates with the gain or loss from an investment. It is a popular profitability metric used to make comparisons and rank investments in different projects. 

Due to its simplicity and versatility, it is a popular metric and the calculation itself is not too complicated. One can measure the performance regularly and can understand and report on how it is improving. 

Keyword Rankings

It is important to track how main target keywords are ranking on the SERPs. Getting better rankings is the main goal for any SEO campaign. A better ranking is needed for better traffic. Keyword ranking refers to the position their page has in search results for particular keywords. 

Pages will generally have a specific position for any special target keyword. People enter search words that associate with your page's subject matter. In such a situation, whichever spot the URL Is shown is the keyword ranking. 

About 10 results per page are shown by the search engine. Closer to the top of the page means that it has a higher keyword ranking. Lower keyword rankings are down to the bottom. Your strategy is starting to pay off when you see that your primary keywords increase in rank. 


A solid way to demonstrate success is to measure and track organic conversions. They are processes that lead to a defined conclusion in online marketing. The user converts from a visitor to a buyer of a customer. For a commercial website, it is, therefore, an important KPI. 

The conversion rate is determined to measure the efficiency of SEO activity. An increase in conversion doesn't mean only attracting more visitors to the site. It also means that the visitors are completing their desired action in high numbers. Its main objective is to grow the customer base and increase sales. 

Website conversions are of different types. The conversion of a visitor to a subscriber, newsletter recipient into a buyer, and also an occasional customer into a regular customer. It depends on the goals of the company to know which activity is deemed as the conversion. 

Organic Traffic 

Organic traffic is when visitors find the website by typing words in the search engine or when they land on the website from unpaid sources. SEO focuses on improving organic traffic. It increases the website's trust and has better conversion rates. 

Organic traffic provides the right and updated content to the searches using appropriate keywords. It is the most important form of traffic as it results in highly qualified leads. It is a sustainable approach in the long run and builds customer trust. Since it is semi-permanent, its ROI is very high. 

Organic traffic is driven by customer intent and is cost-effective. It improves brand loyalty and brings highly engaging customers. It is important to increase organic traffic. It is therefore essential to publish quality content regularly. The content should be optimized not for search engines but for the readers. 

Bounce Rates

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who come to your page and bounce by clicking the back button. They either go back to their earlier search results or shut the browser window completely. 

SEO rates get affected by higher bounce rates. A higher bounce rate is an indication of poor content to main search engines. It is used to determine whether the webpage caters to the needs of the user. It can be calculated by dividing the number of non-interactive sessions by its total number. 

Having lower bounce rates means better engagement. It shows that your visitors are not quitting after reading just one page. It leads to more conversions and more profits. Lower bounce rates send positive signals to search engines. It is therefore an important metric that shows where your website is moving towards. 

It is vital to monitor the right KPI. This is the best way to save money and time on something that is not driving the anticipated profit. KPI helps to identify which tactics work as they work as a control system.

As the rules constantly change and evolve, the only way to remain at the top is to analyze performance metrics. The right SEO KPIs can determine those strategies that need to be changed, stop, or improve. 

To measure the right SEO KPIs, one should measure progress against set SEO goals. It helps to determine what works and what doesn't by measuring with the help of the right metrics. 

To measure the success of the SEO campaign depends on the business type and its objective. KPI not only enables assessing your campaign's performance. They also provide actionable data to improve your campaign to ensure future success. 

So if you are looking to improve your SEO campaigns, contact Intersmart Solution for comprehensive SEO analysis and insights. 

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