How To Future-Proof Your Website Design

  • Date: 02 / November / 2022
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How To Future-Proof Your Website Design

A website is basically the online face of your brand. However, because of evolving technology and coding languages/standards, no website will endure forever. But if you make the proper selections upfront, you can assure you get something that may last you a good five years - or maybe 10 (or more), with the correct maintenance and upgrades. If you are wondering about how to future-proof your website design, read along to get a better understanding. 

How Changing Trends Affect Your Website Traffic?

The truth is that 70% of the links search users click on are organic search results. To really maintain your search engine rankings and exposure, you must adapt to changes in search results by concentrating on industry trends. For example, every time Google updates its artificial intelligence search algorithm, the priorities of search engines change. This might harm your SEO effort as well as your total media marketing.

These modifications may not be visible, but they are present, integrated into the way the search engine operates and produces search results. As a result, you must approach search engines as an SEO specialist, staying informed and aligning your content to your users' demands in line with the current search algorithm. Although swings in search results are natural, if you've constructed your site design and web pages correctly and continually produced high-quality content replete with link building, anchor text, and superb meta descriptions, you shouldn't be concerned.

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Why a Future-Proof Website is Worth Considering?

Before we dwell on how to future-proof your website design, let us discuss the why of it. Of all the multitude of reasons, here are the most prominent ones:

Return on Investment - If you are continuously overhauling your internet presence, the costs will rapidly add up. If you do this every time a new piece of technology that may affect your website is released, you will undoubtedly go much over budget and may even go bankrupt. Creating a beautiful website numerous times a year, or even yearly, may be rather costly. With a future-proofed, adaptable web design, you don't have to fully remodel your online presence all the time; instead, you can gradually evolve your website to guarantee that it meets the finest user-friendly design standards.

User Experience - If you frequently modify the style of your website, the user experience will suffer. Consumers and visitors will develop accustomed to a specific layout and feel comfortable with your design; removing that design may alienate your customers and destroy whatever connection they may have had.

Brand Identity And Familiarity - Changing your online presence on a frequent basis might harm your brand's identity in the long run. It shows that your company is unsure of itself, which might harm your brand's identity and coherence. Customers will become acquainted with your company, and altering your style, layout, and other aspects on a regular basis is never a smart idea.

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How To Future-Proof Your Website Design?

  • Try and accommodate improvement costs in your long-term budget 

One of the easiest ways to avoid future problems with tragically old web design is to develop a website now that can easily be upgraded later. In other words, you want to construct a stable foundation on which to develop regularly. You must expect that, no matter how effectively your website now functions, there will come a time when some improvements will be required. By including website maintenance and upgrade expenditures into your long-term budget, you may avoid being caught off guard by costly redesigns or a complete revamp of features such as security standards or hosting needs.

  • Focus on Evergreen Content

Almost every business today aspires to set the pace in content marketing, as organisations who succeed at the activity benefit from a six-fold increase in marketing contribution to revenue compared to those that lag behind. To create a website that will continue to bring value in the future, pre-existing material must be reviewed on a regular basis for continuous efficacy, including the quality of links and the veracity of all data and statements given inside.

  • Work within a Robust Content Management System

When selecting a content management system (CMS) for your website, you want to discover a solution that can and will expand with your demands, as well as one that will be a dependable solution for many years to come. In order to encourage new businesses to use their platform, some untested CMS suppliers promise a slew of extras at rock-bottom pricing.

  • Pages need to be built on a foundation of responsive design 

The most important thing to remember is to prioritise user experience and speed. Building pages with responsive design results in interfaces that adjust and format sensibly according to the user's screen size. Even if users often engage with your site by moving between devices of different sizes, the outcome is a unified and well-designed UX. Responsiveness of a design is of paramount importance in the case of the mobile view of the website.

  • Only Use codes that can be easily updated and maintained

If you want your website to be fluid and quickly adjusted to adapt more effectively to future audiences, it must be built on a codebase that can be maintained and updated with minimum effort. It's also important to consider who will be in charge of maintaining your site's design in years to come: the answer is you don't know. If the design is built on a platform that only one individual who is no longer with the organisation is familiar with, you may have to start from scratch whereas adaptable code would allow for easy adjustments.

  • Consider Investing in Premium Hosting

In today's environment, any firm that uses an internet platform must be quick. Unfortunately, if your website is sluggish, you may accidentally lose clients to the competition. If speed is lacking, no one will visit your website, let alone stay on the platform. The solution is to use a premium hosting provider that supports enhanced page speed.

As a result, your website will be quick enough to improve the user experience while also converting visitors into clients. Increasing the speed of your website is a strategy that can help you attract and keep visitors.

  • Invest in SEO - The future is unpredictable

Understanding that it is difficult to account for every change that may affect the realms of commerce and design in the coming years is part of the process of future-proofing your website. In this regard, it is not advisable to devote too much effort to design a website that has components that you believe are far ahead of the curve and will resonate in the future.

Good SEO practices include focusing each page on a single topic, writing your text in an easy-to-read format and breaking it up into sections with subtitles, and ensuring that your content is unique, of high quality, and relevant to your topic, including keywords (but not too many) in your text, title, and subtitles, and linking to other pages within and outside of your site. You should also incorporate important "back office" SEO strategies like providing a keyword-rich META description to your photos, ensuring that the page's META title and description include your keyword, and optimising your site load speed.

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Simple Tips To Keep Your Site's SEO Future Proofed  

Remember to Make Things Basic - Try to keep your CMS as simple and controllable as possible at all times. When dealing with a simple eCommerce solution, it might be much easier to adapt and make changes.

Make Certain That Everything Functions - Always ensure that everything functions as smoothly as possible. Check that all of your links are pointing in the right direction and that you understand where and when you may add pages and content to your website.

Maintain An Eye On Your Links - In addition to ensuring that all of your internal links operate, keep your site free of spammy links that will only cause problems in the long run. Accept all links from excellent, relevant, authoritative websites while avoiding low-quality links from harmful websites.

Create High-Quality Content - Great content is at the heart of all high-performing websites. If you want your website to be successful and last, everything of your material must be of the highest quality.

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