Website Redesign Checklist + 7 Handy Website Redesign Tips

  • Date: 31 / January / 2024
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Website Redesign Checklist - 7 Handy Website Redesign Tips

Renovation and redesign of a website take a lot of effort, and you might have to deal with the anxiety that many feel from the overload of work and decisions to be made. Knowing all the things to change, to keep, and to avoid on and off the website is an imperative aspect when you consider a website redesign. The most effortless way to revamp an old website or develop a new one is to choose the best web designing company in Kochi to assist you with experts. It is also important to make sure that the design you choose and the content strategy you adopt during the website redesign are better than the old ones.

The coming section of this article will cover a 'website redesign checklist + 7 handy website redesign tips' that will help you avoid common mistakes people make when redesigning their website and help you achieve your goals.

Website Redesign Checklist

A proper plan curated after thorough consideration of every aspect of web design should be ready before you go all in with your website redesign process. The following section includes some of the major points that your plan should include.

Define your objectives

You may have several reasons that led you to think of redesigning the website. Or, you may have some objectives like more conversions, traffic, a better user experience, top ranking, and more to reach with the redesigned website. Write down every one of those reasons and goals that are the root cause of the redesign of your website. List each of the factors included in it according to the priority and urgency it has.

Analyze your current website

Several weaknesses and strengths led you to the requirement of a website redesign. Getting a complete idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your website is important. You can perform a website analysis to get demographics on the performance and effectiveness of your website. Several tools, like traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, user feedback, and more, along with Google Analytics and more, are available to collect and analyze data about your website.

Identify your target audience

Knowing the people you want to reach and serve with your website, along with their needs, preferences, pain points, and expectations, has the utmost importance. The online behavior of your target audience and their preferred channels and devices are also something that you should not overlook in this case. Creating buyer personas that represent your ideal customers can serve as a reference for your website redesign.

Research your competitors

Knowing those who are competing directly with your website is one way you can improve the standard of your redesigned website. Do complete research on every aspect, including the design, functionality, user experience, and content strategy they use for SEO. Get an idea about the effectiveness of those they use across their website. Use the report you make after the competitive analysis as inspiration to do the best for them or better than them. You should always make sure to adopt uniqueness across every aspect of your web design, even when taking inspiration from competitors.

Plan your content strategy

You need a perfect plan for the type of information and content you are about to convey through your website. The content should be valuable yet resonate with the objectives of your target audience. You need to organize, create, update, and optimize your content for search engine optimization and a smooth user experience. 

Going through the already-written content on the old website can give you a better idea of what you need to add and avoid in the new content you write or create for your redesigned website. Using a content strategy that is applied with the perfect incorporation of a content calendar provides you with better and more effective content ideas for your website.

Choose your platform and tools

Opting for the perfect tools is the next step after gathering every resource you need, including the design structure, content layout, and the right strategies. All technical requirements as per the functionalities and features you need to adopt should be considered in this. An analysis of the previous website along with the websites of competitors can help you gain a proper understanding of what technical elements you need and do not need.

Budget is also an important element in choosing the right tools and platforms for the development of your website. You can go with high-end platforms that need coding and professional assistance, or you can use tools like WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and more. However, it is always recommended to use the help of website designers and developers who know everything about the website-building process.

Hire a web design agency or freelancer

You might know how to use tools like WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc., but you should be able to utilize a major portion of your time to create a website to its fullest. Getting assistance from a major web development company Kerala has to offer might be the right way to go if you have no time, skills, or resources to build or redesign one yourself. Hiring is not enough; you need to communicate well and collaborate with the team to get the best output from them.

Mistakes to Avoid When Redesigning Your Website

Another major thing you should take care of is to avoid mistakes that people commonly make when redesigning their websites. Ticking all the above aspects of website redesign will do no good if your approach is prone to mistakes.

Not setting a realistic timeline and budget

Always plan for the time and cost it will take to complete the redesigning process. Not setting a practical and realistic timeline for the project is a common mistake that leads to ineffective adaptation of the web design strategy.

Not testing your website before launching it

Finding bugs and encountering errors after the launch of the website is not a good sign. It is imperative not to make the mistake of not testing the website thoroughly before the launch. You can use tools like BrowserStack, GTmetrix, and more to test the website before the launch.

Redesign and keep your website updated

Keeping your website updated with relevant content and functional elements is an important thing to be aware of. You can get complete professional assistance in every one of the aforementioned website redesign steps from prominent web development service providers in Kerala.

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