Need Help With SEO? 5 Ways to Improve SEO for Google

  • Date: 22 / May / 2023
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Need Help With SEO? 5 Ways to Improve SEO for Google

Are you trying everything on your website but there are no effective results showing on your business? Maybe you should look more into SEO and the issues related to it to make sure your website is reaching your target audience effectively. With many online businesses coming into the light, it is definitely competitive, but it is never impossible or difficult to achieve. So you Need Help With SEO? 5 Ways to Improve SEO for Google. If you find it difficult, Inter Smart provides SEO services in Kochi to bring up many businesses to reach their target audience. 

How to Improve SEO for Google?

  • Identify Target Keywords

One of the foremost steps in developing an SEO strategy that goes along with your business goals is to find out target keywords that are relevant to your business and potential customers. You have to note phrases and primary words that embody your brand and its service content. With the use of tools like WordStream, Wordtracker, or Google Ads Keyword Planner to conduct research on keywords, you can understand keywords that are relevant to your potential audience. This will provide you with insights to help you with the expansion of brand visibility and enhance your site in search results. Moreover, this makes the foundation of the content strategy stronger by bringing more valuable content to the target audience. You can prioritize the content on the website with 3 quality keywords that perfectly explain your brand and business services. Adding too many keywords can tangle the effects of SEO. so make sure you have minimal keywords that can enhance your website in search results. Seek for best SEO company in Kochi To see better results in SEO.

  • Update Website Content

There should be continuous actions on your website and for that, you have to spend time updating various contents on your page it doesn't mean you have to stuff your website with many contents. In simple words, you can introduce blogging that gives out information about various related services of your business. If the blogs are relevant and informative people will definitely get to your page to read them. Search engines seriously look for adequate content so that they can introduce your services to the users who are in search of them. Continuously updating content is considered one of the best practices that makes a website relevant and fresh. Your content can be audited on a schedule to make necessary updates. Blogs are way more beneficial in a website as you can add more quality content with rich keywords and phrases that can enhance search engine rankings. Blog posts can be updates that are short about certain topics you are targeting. Interlinking blogs and CMS webpages can provide the reader with a better picture of what they are looking at and it can be really helpful in understanding the topic.      

  • Take Backlinks From Authority Sites

You have to know that, even if you tried the best on-page SEO practices, it doesn’t mean that they have to make it to the front page of the Google search result. That is when the backlinks come into play. Backlinks from various high-authority sites can be incorporated into your SEO strategy. There are many link-building techniques that can be used. The most effective ways of creating links are mentioned in the following.     

  1. You have to create quality shareable content which means you can publish linkable assets which are specially built to create backlinks from news sites and blogs in your niche.

  2. You have to test out content that is data-driven as they can build effective links for your website. You can do this by surveying through original content, internal data, or public data. You can then create content using these results and share it with publishers. 

  3. You have to follow the trends, like if you can link your company or industry with any trending news or story, chances are high that the publisher wants to feature your information and credit your site with a link which can be very helpful and useful. 

  4. You can help a reporter out with a free service that can help you in contributing information, quotes, and insights to various journalists who are looking for sources to begin with. 

  5. When you practice contributing content to various sites in your niche, these links from the posts that contain valuable information can help you in improving your Google rankings. But you have to be alert and avoid this strategy into a ‘link scheme’. 

Now if you want to know more about creating link options, the backlinks analytics tool can help you with finding the backlinks of your competitors. You can even compare four competing URLs to get insights on various opportunities. 

  • Improve the Loading Speed of the Site

The loading time of your page is very crucial as it can attract more users to the page. Moreover, if your site takes too much time to load pages, Google will be notified which can result in a lower ranking in the search results. A slow website can badly impact the engagement of users on the site, and you can expect more negative interactions. If Google identifies that many users are leaving your site in no time, your page will definitely go down. To solve this, you have to focus on upgrading your site quickly and fast. There are various online free services to test the loading speed of your page. Our SEO company in Kochi can help in boosting the speed of your website. 

  • Set Up Your Brand on Google Business

You can set up an account on Google Business to see better results. With this, you can edit the data on your product and services for free. You can also verify your information on how the users can contact you. This will ensure the customers would reach you with no hurdles. Use Google Business to put images, make posts, monitor reviews, and many more to stay apart from your competitors. 

To recapitulate, there can be many issues that are responsible for not showing your page on the search results page. If you have tried out everything, focus on SEO practices and wait for effective results. If you Need Help With SEO? 5 Ways to Improve SEO for Google might have helped you to gain insights on the best practices to make your page visible to your potential customers. If you need assistance, contact our SEO agency Kochi to get you effective results. 

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