Role of Social media in Ecommerce

  • Date: 25 / May / 2021
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Role of Social media in Ecommerce

Social media marketing is well known for its awareness ability but seldom do people realize the powerful talent of sales. Unlike a TV/radio Ad it allows 2-way communication with your customers. Direct feedback and suggestions can really help to improve the business. Using social media, one can specifically target their audience by various parameters. With more than 2 Billion users on social media daily, the wide reach obtained cannot be ignored. Few famous social media channels that support online marketing as well are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Youtube.

How is social media advertising relevant to your eCommerce sales?

Ever-changing algorithms take a toll on organic reach. You can attain high engagement and reach, but you might not necessarily be reaching the right audience. Paid advertising can make sure that you decide your target audience. The social media market is extremely competitive, and that can make it challenging to get the highest level of visibility.  To increase the traffic to your website it is worth giving your social strategy a little boost. Paid advertising makes your targeting precise, as it allows the use of multiple parameters, varying from geography, demography, age range, and interest. The freedom to optimize your ads to your business objectives boosts revenue and return on investment.

How to stay ahead using Social Media?

Set your Goals- Always decide beforehand what you want to achieve( whether an increase in sales, brand recognition, expanding traffic to your website, or altogether) by using social media. Different results are attributed to different approaches.

Daily posts - Provide relevant information about the product to interest the audience on a daily basis.

One needs to be up to date about the trending affairs. Also, it is imperative to gauge the audience’s reaction to different types of posts, what time of the day is the best for posting etc. is essential. Eg: If you are targeting working adults, it is wise to run your posts outside business hours so that they are relaxed enough to notice your ads.

Engage your Audience- Get to know your customers through surveys or questionnaires so you can implement your strategies relevantly. Utilize the fact that social media allows 2-way communication.

Retargetting: It is a form of online advertising that keeps your brand/ads in front of the user on other social media platforms after they leave your website. This is possible by syncing different social accounts with a common user identification (Gmail or FB account). Only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit usually.

Social media & SEO- Ensure the eCommerce website developed is SEO friendly. Without that, it is next to impossible to compete with the eCommerce Giants.

Referrals & Endorsements: Social media allows a way for users to refer products or services from their accounts. This gives a sense of reliability when it comes from people we follow online. Celebrities endorsing products is a huge marketing strategy being used across the globe.

Encourage Reviews- With hordes of duplicate products and websites available, one can never be too careful. Hence push your customers to leave their review(positive or negative) about the products and services and display it on your web page. These reviews will ensure authenticity and therefore increase sales.

Recommendations: Based on your past shopping experience, the AI in eCommerce websites will recommend similar products. However, user recommendations go a long way. An example would be the

Book social commerce website Goodreads, which had clear book recommendation features allowing readers to recommend books to each other. These book recommendations are linked to the Amazon store for readers to buy the books right from there. Such recommendations are proven methods to bring buyers to a purchase decision on a social commerce site.

Ratings: Similar to reviews, ratings on a social media platform or social commerce are more credible and help in building a great e-commerce brand. Social commerce sites such as Flipkart and Amazon have successfully increased their sales by allowing users to engage in productive discussions about products.

However, simply integrating social media into a marketing campaign does not always directly increase sales. Especially if you are flying blind without expert advice and backing. Hiring a digital marketing company in kochi can do wonders for your cause. Being present on social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, increases brand reputation and awareness. Having a conversation with the audience is the best way to gain feedback and ideas regarding their wants and needs. Through comments, tweets, or “Likes”, a consumer can directly share their feedback about the brand, generating a sense of loyalty and purpose. The positive word of mouth created through these social platforms is also very important.

Similarly, you may be subject to bad reviews due to misconceptions and poor logistics. It is imperative that your users do not feel that they are not being neglected. A vengeful customer can do much more harm than one imagines. Hence quick resolutions and excellent customer service need to go hand in hand.

Intersmart Solutions is an expert Social media marketing company in Kochi with around 11 years of experience in the field. If you are looking for including the benefits of social media in your business...we can surely bring the required edge.

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