Why Mobile and Desktop Rankings Are Different

  • Date: 10 / July / 2023
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Why Mobile and Desktop Rankings Are Different

People using mobile phones are significantly increasing and it is essential to make your sites mobile-friendly. However, you shouldn’t keep desktop SEO away. Both mobile and desktop follow the same principle and practices in SEO. Alternatively, you should look for some of the factors to make an effective strategy. Statics of the mobile and desktop should be tracked separately as they would show different results. You can adapt to your strategies effectively by tracking them individually. Read more to know about Why Mobile and Desktop Rankings Are Different. If you have any concerns regarding the marketing of your business, contact Inter Smart for effective SEO services in Kochi.

Mobile SEO

It is a digital marketing technique that is used to make it easier for mobile users to access the website of a business. It also ensures that the website is optimized accurately providing services and content to the users seeking the website. It will also help the customers to reach out to you when they are searching for services and products related to your business. 

Many users use mobile devices to search for various services and if your site is not mobile-friendly, it can cost you half of the visitors. So ensure that your website works well with mobile SEO to invite many customers to your website to access your business. All of the pages adapt to the available space making sure the consistency of the content in every device while implementing responsive design. You have to focus on providing exceptional user experience on every mobile device to rank higher. Inter Smart, is the best SEO company in Kochi that assures your have a user-friendly website with impeccable marketing techniques. 

Desktop SEO vs Mobile SEO

Most of the practices for SEO on mobile and desktop are the same. However, search results on mobile are different from the search results on the desktop because of their extra criteria. The location of the user, orientation of the page, user behavior in search, size of the screen, and other factors are the reasons for the influence in which the content is ranked. Search engine crawling, procedures of ranking, and indexing change owing to the interplay of these factors. If you want to make your website rank higher, contact our SEO company in Kochi for enhanced results. 

Reasons Why Mobile and Desktop Rankings Differ

It is paramount to know various algorithms for desktop and mobile searches. Google ensures a satisfying user experience for the users providing them what they seek by any device they are using. You have to have a deep understanding of Why Mobile and Desktop Rankings Are Different. In many cases, the buyer intent score is usually higher in mobile users than in desktop. The following are the reasons that state the causes of this difference.    


One of the main differences between the SEO of mobile and desktop is the location that it shows. The prime reason for this factor is that users use location on mobile phones while they search for nearby services. Search engines like Google can differentiate the device source from which the search was made. This helps them to provide accurate results to the users. Search engines can easily gain information about a user's location when they seek service. It is because the majority of smartphones are using GPS (global positioning system). Information on desktops is considered irrelevant compared to mobile phones. Therefore, search engines don't rely on the location of the desktop that much.    

Use of Device and System

If you are thinking about using target keywords that can be related to every mobile application, you have to concentrate on the optimization of mobile devices. In order to provide accurate information, Google relies on the operating system of mobile devices. Search engines show the apps that are acceptable on the device when they have app-oriented intentions.   

Size of the Screen

Another factor that answers the question of Why Mobile and Desktop Rankings Are Different is the size variations of the screen. Results may not be the same although the search engines like Google are created to be a perfect fit for search queries in any device you are using. 

Augmented Reality

The world is changing rapidly and exceptionally. The number of users who use mobile phones for every activity is increasing exponentially. That is why search engines and technologies adapt to those circumstances in order to provide users with a better experience while seeking and accessing various services. It should always be better than yesterday and is always updated. A new way to make mobile devices more reliable is understood by Google which is augmented reality. It allows users to seek search using the camera on their smartphones. For instance, you went into a cafe and saw a beautiful chair that could perfectly match your reading area. You have searched online typing its significance but there are no such results. That is when augmented reality comes to help. You can scan the picture of the chair in your mobile phone camera to find out if anyone is selling it or to seek the details. It is becoming normal with improved technology. This helps the users to access the services in an easier way. This is only accessible on mobile phones which makes the rank difference in mobile and desktop SEO.    
To summarize, the main aim of SEO practices is to bring the website to the user to access their best services. Many pieces of research indicate that even though the practices are almost the same for mobile and desktop SEO, the results may vary depending on the criteria used. It claims that mobile SEO gets more accurate results than desktop SEO. Reporting accuracy and supporting individual SEO strategies can be done with the help of keyword tracking on desktop and mobile. It is important to understand Why Mobile and Desktop Rankings Are Different and how you can make use of this information to upgrade your strategies. Contact our SEO agency Kochi to help you with various marketing strategies that can improve the performance of your business.

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