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Digital Marketing for Startup

Are you planning to begin a startup with an innovative idea? Thinking about the best ways to make a good first impression? Our expertise in the field of digital marketing has grown wide and strong over the past decade. Since you are reading this, rest assured you are nearly there! Digital marketing for startups requires a unique and precise approach which is completely different from digital marketing for established businesses. In fact, it is one of our specialties. Accumulating adequate subscribers, signups, and users for your business is crucial and we can help you reach and exceed your expectations in the shortest time possible.

Gain Wider Audience with Lesser Investment

The key to a successful digital marketing campaign is never to be the highest spender. Instead, you need a successful digital marketing agency by your side with out-of-the-box thinking and practical knowledge about the execution of a digital marketing plan. Capturing the attention of your target audience with a big splash and then building on that momentum is key.

Unlike big brands, the main weakness of most startups is the lack of excess funds available to make costly mistakes and learn from them. Half-cooked theories and blind experimental campaigns are more prone to fail than gain back the invested amount, let alone make a profit. Besides, in digital marketing, it does not mean that more money spent will guarantee higher results. It ultimately boils down to where you spend the money and effort

  1. Market Analysis - In order to gain a clear and realistic overview of the current market situation, start by analyzing the marketing environment. An internal analysis will serve to audit the online presence of your startup while an external analysis will prove vital for contextualizing. Our digital marketing agency in UAE uses the famous SWOT analysis that has proven to be an effective tool for a final evaluation of any marketing environment. From the strategic audit, a SWOT Analysis draws the critical strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. An organization’s success is critically affected by success factors such as strengths and weaknesses which are usually measured relative to competitors.
  2. Identifying Target Audience - Identifying the group of customers who are more likely to end up purchasing your products or services and associating with your business is of paramount importance. As a budding entrepreneur, you may or may not have done the homework to actually find out the target audience before launching your startup. We help to track the gender, age, location, shopping habits, and even the purchasing capacity of the audience to finalize the time and frequency of the marketing campaign.
  3. Establish Brand Image - This is probably the most important and crucial part of a digital marketing campaign for a startup. The target users are not aware of the brand name and its ideas. So they are open to the first information that they receive and that has to be positively enforced to create a great first impression. Our digital marketing agency in UAE knows the gravity of the situation and will promote your Unique Selling Points (USP) more effectively to creating a lasting impression that is positive and beneficial for the company.
  4. Relate to your audience - learning what is important to your audience and catering to their needs with constant communication and reliable customer service is very important. Regardless of your mother tongue, communication in the local language is a must and so the keywords included in your landing page must relate to your users.
  5. Define a Budget - Many startups fail within a few months of inception due to poor budget planning. Unless sufficient funds are not allotted to marketing, there won’t be potential leads. Sales cannot happen without leads and unless sales happen, the money to invest in subsequent marketing cannot be arranged. It is a vicious cycle that has to be carefully managed from day 1. Our expert digital marketing agency in UAE will help to anticipate the possible return on investment ROI and help to maintain your marketing budget.
  6. Set a Measurable KPI - Unless Key Performance Indicators are preset, the measure of how well the marketing campaign is doing cannot be efficiently tracked. Setting measurable KPIs and validating them at regular intervals is vital for maintaining the budget as well as bringing the campaign back on track in case if it deviates.
  7. Innovative Marketing Campaign - With a saturated market, penetration can be a tricky thing among already-established competitors. So innovative marketing ads and eye-catching content marketing campaigns need to be used to stand out from the crowd. Our digital marketing agency in UAE is equipped with graphic designers, content marketers, and SEO experts who will ensure your marketing campaigns are unique and catchy.

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Why Choose Intersmart as the Digital Marketer for your Startup?

InterSmart has risen to popularity in the UAE by being a one-stop destination for all your digital marketing services. Our committed and professional approach is aimed primarily at boosting your business development.

Talented and Experienced Team – We have meticulously created a team of highly talented professionals who deliver outstanding support for all activities related to digital marketing for startups as well as established organizations. By handling multiple projects simultaneously for small, medium and large clients of various industries, our team has received sufficient exposure to anticipate hurdles and solve them before it occurs.

24x7 Support – Digital marketing is a full-time job and our customer support team is available day or night, even after business hours to tackle issues in real-time.

Dedicated Manager – Each client is assigned a dedicated manager as a single point of contact to ensure no miscommunication. Every official meeting is documented for future reference and periodic updates about the progress of the campaign are provided to all our clients.

Explicit departments – Our dedicated team comprises experienced techies from various departments. There are SEO experts, content marketers, Social Media experts, Graphic designers, developers, programmers, and even a separate team for digital marketing campaigns who work in tandem for the success of our clients.

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