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The digital marketing agency for e-commerce companies

A digital marketing agency for an e-commerce company is an experienced team that partners with your business to help you achieve your goals & solve complex problems related to your e-commerce platform. We achieve this through the strategic use of result-oriented technological and marketing services needed to achieve the required customer footfall.

Every digital marketing agency operates differently and our digital marketing agency in the UAE runs using a full-service model aimed at the increase in turnover of revenue as well as the customer base. We offer creative, strategy, marketing and technology services required for the e-commerce industry under one roof. Inbound marketing is used to attract new visitors to your website and also we are capable of creating an engaging website design that makes the website navigation easy yet efficient.

So if you are looking for an experienced digital marketing agency in UAE for enhancing your e-commerce website and its services, then you have reached the right place.

The Role of e-commerce Digital Marketing in Business Growth


A productive eCommerce digital marketing agency in UAE must be aware of the latest industry trends, software and systems in place to ensure the success of their clients. Whether the e-commerce platform requires lead generation, SEO strategies or web design, the digital marketing agency need to be able to provide proper guidance and support. Staying abreast of the changes in the industry is the sign of a good digital marketing agency.

A different Perspective

The best way to measure the success of a business is through the eyes of an outsider. An outside perspective can always provide value and new learnings to the business. Offering fresh perspectives, helpful suggestions, insights, strategies and tactical support to improve your business is the role of a digital marketing agency.

Technical Expertise

e-commerce companies often partner with successful digital marketing agencies for their technical know-how and expertise. Knowing the most used e-commerce platforms and even the ones that offer unique facilities that may suit the client is crucial for staying ahead of the competition. A few of the e-commerce platforms that are famous include Bigcommerce, Shopify, WordPress(woo-commerce) and Magento. Based on the features required to improve performance, our team will suggest what platform(s) will be the best fit for your business.

Get better results from e-commerce digital marketing

Google Shopping Ads: Using Google shopping Ads allows you to advertise your products more visibly at the top of the Google search results. Being available at the exact moment people are looking to buy the kinds of products you sell is the key to increase sales.

Remarket with display Ads: Once the users show an interest in your product on the e-commerce platform, the key is to remind them to make the purchase. This is achieved with the help of remarketing display Ads. Every click represents a valuable interaction.

Utilize Social Media: It’s pretty obvious that social media is the new e-commerce platform where a good percentage of users are available online. Effectively targeting social media users can help in increased website traffic and also more turnover. Video Ads are known to have a higher conversion ratio as compared to images.

Customer reviews: A glowing review from users who’s already bought one or more of your products is a highly effective way to turn more site visitors into customers. Even if the price and features are exceptional, an average customer will tend to see the customer reviews and ratings about the product as well as the e-commerce website’s service.

Referral marketing: It refers to the highly used practice of incentivizing your customers to spread the word about how much they love doing business with you. Organic referral marketing can be achieved only with extreme levels of customer service & overall efficiency.

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Digital marketing can help to boost the sales on your e-commerce website along with positively impact brand awareness and recognition. The key differentiator between being just another e-commerce platform and being a household name depends primarily on how well you market your platform online. Partnering with Intersmart Solution, the best digital marketing agency in the UAE can bring many perks to your e-commerce business. Our e-commerce solutions include e-commerce consultation, optimization and migration that is one notch above the rest of the competition.

The Immense Experience, advanced strategies & Planning, round the clock customer service, transparent dealings, attention to detail and security are unparalleled in the digital marketing industry.

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Your Trusted Digital Marketing Company For e-commerce Agencies

Digital Marketing Specialists: Our e-commerce digital marketing experts are adept in building highly user-friendly websites that are fast-loading. Taking into account that more than 68% of e-commerce product searches happen on mobile devices, we ensure that the websites developed are perfected for mobile use and social media shares. We ensure global standards for your online presence by creating unique and custom digital marketing solutions for your e-commerce platform. The level of expertise and experience we provide our clients is only matched by our dedication and passion for digital marketing.

Industry-Specific Marketing Strategies: Depending on the buyer demographics and site location, the marketing needs and demands of e-commerce services may change from one company to another. Like any other industry, the e-commerce industry requires a detailed competitive analysis and market study before launching any sort of digital marketing campaign in order to ensure acceptance among the target audience. Our digital marketing experts will perform strict market assessments along with industry analyses and business reviews of the demographics before brainstorming result-oriented marketing strategies. A study of the past campaigns run by the competition and the level of success achieved will also be considered to modify the marketing strategies and finalize the tactics that have the most chances of success.

Campaign Performance Reports: Our e-commerce digital marketing company in Kochi will understand your short and long-term business goals in order to effectively plan the marketing strategies. Our digital marketing experts will set tangible goals and KPIs to measure the progress made by each marketing campaign. Any deviation from the desired results is noticed and rectified at periodic milestones. Even before the client comes asking about the progress, the dedicated manager assigned to the client will update detailed analytical data reports that indicate the overall performance of the campaign and the course of action taken to achieve the same.

360-Degree Marketing Approach: We promote a campaign approach that uses all mediums or channels of marketing right from in-store to print media, online marketing, and mobile marketing, digital and social media, television & even radio to ensure the success of the campaigns. The major focus will be on digital marketing since it is the most cost-effective method of marketing that yields the desired results. Other mediums are necessary to ensure brand recognition and to increase the trust factor of your e-commerce platform. Our team of experts are highly experienced in custom web design, e-commerce paid to advertise, and several other online marketing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

On-going Learning and Education: Every month new and advanced techniques are launched in the world of e-commerce digital marketing and our experts are trained and kept up to date in order to ensure our clients stay ahead of the competition. Our e-commerce digital marketing agency also invests in researching new platforms that can amplify the desired results and business goals of our clients. Every step necessary to facilitate world standard services are taken by our agency and it reflects in each of the projects undertaken by our team. Besides, we update our team with new talents after careful consideration and analysis of their skills.

6 digital marketing strategies for e-commerce companies
  1. Content marketing & Email marketing: Connecting effectively with your customers can only happen through relevant marketing that involves content and email marketing too. Our content developers will ensure that the digital marketing for your business is supplemented with highly industry-specific content that is relevant to their choices in products. Also, email campaigns run will be strategically worded to ensure maximum customer engagement. The higher the response rate, the higher will be the lead generation and consequently higher conversion rates.

  1. Web design: Any digital marketing campaign needs to have an aesthetically pleasing landing page or website that can capture the attention of the visitor. Poorly maintained websites can degrade the brand reputation and setback the authenticity of the e-commerce platform. Our digital marketing experts will collaborate with our web design team to ensure that the web pages are designed effectively to provide all the relevant information to the visitors by strategically placing the various website elements in the proper flow of thoughts. Also, brilliant placements of call-to-action functions will enable lead capturing effectively.
  2. Search engine optimization & Local SEO: Search engine optimization is of utmost importance for any business that relies on mass marketing of services and products. Coming high in the search engine result pages makes a huge difference in the website visitors and lead generation. Our e-commerce digital marketing experts research and prioritize relevant keywords to the industry to include in your website to improve the SEO ratings organically. Local SEO ensures that the product searches in the local area are better catered to.
  3. Social media: Social media marketing has gained popularity in the last few years and almost all major industries have shifted their focus to various social media platforms for many gains including brand awareness, brand loyalty, influencer marketing, social shares, video marketing, etc. The power of social media is really a force to be reckoned with as it can make or break your business if not properly managed by professionals. Our social media experts know the importance of visual media and always stay on top of the latest trends that can benefit your business.
  4. Pay-per-click (PPC) & Retargeting ads: For commercial products sold on your e-commerce platform, PPC campaigns are responsible for driving immediate traffic to your site. Our established PPC campaigns are highly sought after in the UAE owing to their high level of success. Our expertise in geo-targeting, keyword research, competitive analyses, landing page creation, ad copywriting, and ongoing campaign management are unparalleled. Also, once the users show an interest in your company, we periodically remind them about the next steps with the help of our excellent retargeting ads.
  5. Marketing automation + CRM: We only use the latest software to simultaneously market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks for flawless execution of our digital marketing strategies. Our advanced customer relationship management software drives sales to your business with perfection. The repetitive nature of many tasks involved in digital marketing like segmentation, definition, scheduling, and daily tracking of marketing campaigns are perfectly managed by the CRM software that we employ.
FAQs about digital marketing
for Eccomerce
Tired of being associated with unprofessional and inexperienced companies?
What Should You Look for in An Agency?

The Ad agency you select would determine the reach your brand will get in the competitive marketplace. They become the advocate of the brand and the success of your business will be impacted by the actions they take. So it is imperative that you do thorough research before choosing any Ad agency. There are many factors to consider like the budget, years of experience, timely delivered projects, whether the agency is adequately staffed to provide support when needed, the quality of previously undertaken campaigns, and how defined is their process for measuring the success of the Ads they run.

How Much Does e-commerce Digital Marketing Cost?

The cost of any digital marketing including that for e-commerce will depend on various factors like geographic location, the current brand awareness, the market size, and much more. Although relatively cheaper than traditional marketing, digital marketing will incur its share of costs that may range from a few hundred to a few thousand Dirhams. Get in touch with the Ad agency of your choice to discuss your business goals and allotted budget.

Why should I hire Intersmart to perform digital marketing services for my business?

Digital marketing is an art in the right hands which will help your brand to grow and attain the desired level of success for your business. Intersmart is one of the best digital marketing agencies in UAE with more than a decade of experience and caters to eminent clients who are market leaders in their respective fields. Our dedicated team embodies the true sense of customer satisfaction and never backs down from any given challenge given by our e-commerce clients.

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