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Enhancing User Experience With Advanced Navigational Techniques



However many features have been introduced to the World Wide Web over the years, Navigation remains to play the central role in determining the user experience. The better equipped your website is on navigational front, the more success you will retaining the traffic. When you realize that your webpage is haphazardly arranged, you may understand the relevance of putting in the content that is coherent and intelligible to a first time visitor to your page. Such disorganized nature of content on the website will surely confuse the users, as is the case with putting too many links that will diminish the user’s ability to spot the right content on the page.

Injecting more clarity into your pages


If a first time visitor on your website does not like what he or she sees on the page, they are very likely to never return again. The key to improving the user-friendliness of a webpage is to make pages as easily comprehensible as possible for the users. Keep it in mind that if a website user has no idea what to do in their first visit to your website, they might never come back. Finding the most reliable Web design company India is central to improving the quality of navigation present on web pages. If you are able to use clear labels on pages, the visitor will immediately know the type services your company offer.

Brevity is the key to building clarity

site with clear menu options

The last thing you need on you pages is menus carrying a cluster of items. The fewer number of features your menu contains the better it will be for the navigational performance. With fewer items in place a user will naturally find in less confusing to navigate through content on home page. More importantly, this model neither plays on the short attention span of the average user nor requires them to put on unnecessary mental strain. A large number of studies have established the direct link between chunking and improved cognitive processes. By breaking up contents on the website into small chunk-like information will enable users to memorize them easily.

Guaranteeing consistent performance


Often times you have the misfortune of visiting my web pages whose links are not properly functioning. When an average visitor clicks on links which are defective, it always exacerbates the frustration level. This type of inconsistency displayed by web pages will not only diminish your credibility in the eyes of visitors but also undermine user-friendly experience of visitors. It is advisable to set up visual graphics that give them clear instructions to identify proper links on the home page. Therefore, you are better off not doing anything that plays with user experience and confuse the first time visitors to your page.

Lay the foundation with information architecture


Today, Information architecture plays a central role in enhancing the overall navigational performance of website. When you are getting started with website development, it is highly advisable to build a flat architecture. The fewer the number of levels you have on the website, the better it will be for a user to navigate the pages. Reducing the number of intricately arranged levels will certainly facilitate the navigational processes for the users. In addition to simplifying the navigation means of users, a flat architecture will allow you to organize the web pages, thus helping users to view the content effortlessly.


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